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Ankur Patel wrote on Unmistakable!:
Rafaela Didea
paulo wrote on Inconfundível!:
Rafaela didea... the best of 2013
SubscriberJuliano wrote on Inconfundível!:
Se for mesmo a Rafaela Didea, vai valer a espera, pra mim ela e Paula Rebello são as melhores do site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no aguardo!!!!!!!!!
JOÃO wrote on Inconfundível!:
Esta é inconfundível! Trata-se da linda e deliciosa Rafela Didea. Que seja muito bem vinda gata! Parabéns ao BDS pela sequência maravilhosa entre Ellen Sapori e agora a Rafa! Que venha logo este ensaio! Abraços
Felipe wrote on Inconfundível!:
Rafaela Didea
JOÃO wrote on Inconfundível!:
Esta é inconfundível! Trata-se da linda e deliciosa Rafaela Didea. Que venha logo este ensaio. Parabéns BDS pela sequência na escolha entre Ellen Sapori e agora a Rafaela. Uma das mais lindas modelos do site.
SubscriberAntonio wrote on Inconfundível!:
É a sensacional, maravilhosa, linda, gostosa, ... : Rafaela Didea. Obrigado BDS!
Pedro wrote on Inconfundível!:
Rafaela Didea, o amor da minha vida!
ankur sharma wrote on Unmistakable!:
She is Rafaela didea i know her..
SubscriberJurandir Oliveira wrote on Inconfundível!:
Rafaela Didea!
Anthony wrote on Unmistakable!:
She is a sexy angel with an enchanting smile combined with seductive curves.And her name is...Rafaela Didea!!!
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credits: BellaClub
Blog - Pretty, sexy, hot: meet the new Bella

Pretty, sexy, hot: meet the new Bella

by BellaClub

Bright eyes, fair hair and a body with perfect measures. Luciana Oliveira has curves that should be seen to be believed.

Her photos, which show lots of luxury and sensuality, will certainly cause a sudden temperature rise all around the globe.

As a teaser for tomorrow´s photo shoot, she asked us to tell you: she loves the beach, says sexy lingerie is enough to turn a date into something special, and that she is turned on by men with a nice perfume and who know how to touch a woman.

Our Bella Luciana will make your day. Her photos will be available from tomorrow, only here, at BellaClub.



babupaul wrote on 2014/01/28:
Relay fentastic
chinmay wrote on 2011/12/02:
I Love You

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