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SubscriberFabio Adriano da Silva Silva wrote on Mais de: Franciele Christ:
dai belladasemana
Ze Abraao Resende wrote on Visão do paraíso:
a Lomba q Pedi a Deus Numa #Mulher Salve #Suellen Carvalho & #ParabensCongratulations ao #Bella q #Delicioooooosa
claudio wrote on Visão do paraíso:
muito gata!!!!
Grextone Souza wrote on Visão do paraíso:
Prá mim as fotos são ótimas, porém deveriam mostrar mais as partes boas. A Gabi Cardoso e a Poliana Ampesan merecem outros ensaios
Igor wrote on Mais de: Franciele Christ:
Ninguem ainda se manifestou sobre o segundo ensaio da hanner leao.
Rafael wrote on Mais de: Franciele Christ:
Essa menina tem os pézinhos e as solas mais bonitas dos ensaios deste ano do Bella! Parabéns.
SubscriberFrédéric Masselot wrote on More of: Franciele Christ:
Super nana!
SubscriberCarlos wrote on Mais de: Franciele Christ:
Espero que nesta nova seção de fotos vocês realmente insiram fotos do pezinho dela e não da SOLA do Pé...Não sei quem disse à uns fotógrafos, que a preferência nos pezinhos são as solas do pé??????
SubscriberBruno Souza wrote on Mais de: Franciele Christ:
Caprichem dessa vez, por favor. O primeiro ensaio foi muito fraco...
Rodrigo BMW wrote on Mais de: Franciele Christ:
huuuummmmm não perco por nada gostosa demais!
SubscriberEduardo wrote on Mais de: Franciele Christ:
Estaremos no aguardo... Mas deveria rolar a 2ª parte do vídeo também!
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credits: The Drum
Blog - Why it is good running on the beach

Why it is good running on the beach

by Bella Club

Whether you live near a beach or your travels take you to one, running on the sand provides a soft running surface, and a view. Your run on the beach can be extremely challenging—especially if you run in deep sand. Or, it can be just as mellow as a run on a flat trail.

Click here to read some interesting beach running tips to help you enjoy your next jaunt by the sea.

credits: Bella Club
Blog - More of: Franciele Christ

More of: Franciele Christ

by Bella Club

If her natural breasts impressed you the first time, get ready to see much more of her. Part two of Franciele Christ´s photoshoot airs this Saturday here in Bella Club. In one word: awesome!
credits: Bella Club
Blog - This is heaven

This is heaven

by Bella Club

Nothing as a day with a vision like that... Not that you are interested, but we are going to ask you anyway: any ideas on the name of the owner of this amazing backside?
credits: Reproduction
Blog - The world´s most expensive car

The world´s most expensive car

by Bella Club

Have you heard about Lamborghini Veneno Roadster? Named Veneno (poison) after one of the strongest and most aggressive bulls in Spain, the car has a 12-cylinder, 6.5-liter, 750-hp engine, and can get from 0-62 mph in 2.9 seconds!

The price? Something like $ 4.5 million. Among many other innovations its lightweight body design makes extensive use of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer. Top speed is 221 mph. We would surely buy one so we can go around with some of the Bella Club models... Unfortunately, Lamborghini built nine copies only (all sold out!).

credits: Bella Club
Blog - Enjoy your day!

Enjoy your day!

by Bella Club

With someone like Josi Detz , it gets hard to have feel sad, lonely or tired. please click here  to see what else she´s got to show you.

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