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JOÃO wrote on A volta de Rafaela Didea:
Realmente, a Rafaela é especial! Como sempre muito linda e muito, mas muito gostosa! Top 1000 do BDS! Que venha logo segunda feira! Ansiedade total! Abraços e mais uma vez, parabéns BDS!
Anthony wrote on Rafaela Didea returns:
Thank God she's back...and never enough!!!
ankur sharma wrote on Rafaela Didea returns:
Thanks Bella club for the new brand photo-shoot because from last 2 months i am waiting for her..(Rafaela didea) love you Bella club..and also Rafaela didea.
SubscriberAntonio Bandeiras wrote on Inconfundível!:
Rafaela Didea! De novo? Gostaria de ver Franciele Perão, Anielly Campos e Fernanda Duarte! Gostaria de parabenizar o Bella as duas últimas modelos Amanda Sagaz e Júnia Cabral elas são perfeitas!
Freddy Nardin wrote on Inconfundível!:
Só da ela! A rainha das bundas! Rafa Didea
adeilton wrote on Inconfundível!:
pena que não é a amanda sagaz
SubscriberNei Cesar Silva wrote on Feliz Páscoa!:
Maravilhosa quero mais um ensaio seu minha Deusa.
SubscriberRaphael Alves wrote on Inconfundível!:
De novo? repeteco mensal?
roberto wrote on Feliz Páscoa!:
SubscriberWellington Danilo dos Santos Vieira wrote on Inconfundível!:
rafaela didea uma gostosa maravilhosa
SubscriberLucas wrote on Inconfundível!:
Quandoooo ???
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credits: Bella Club
Blog - Rafaela Didea returns

Rafaela Didea returns

by Bella Club

The picture we posted in yesterday´s blog was a success amongst our followers, and we are here today just to confirm what you already knew: it is indeed pretty Rafaela Didea  who returns to Bella Club with brand new pictures.

Brazilian natural, the 27 year-old blonde says she always gives it 100% when she is in love. To spice things up in bed, she uses toys and games. Isn´t she amazing?

There´s little to go before we publish the new photo sections - which, by the way, are breathtaking!

credits: Bella Club
Blog - Unmistakable!


by Bella Club

It is Wednesday all over again, and about time we returned with news about Brazil´s hottest models. Check the image above. She is the blonde who returns to Bella Club in only a few days, with brand new pictures. There is no mistake on this! Now tell us, what´s the name of the amazing babe?
credits: Bella Club
Blog - Too bad it is over...

Too bad it is over...

by Bella Club

How was your Easter like? Did you eat lots of chocolate? Our Hanner , for example, dismissed the chocolates and went for strawberries with condensed milk instead, and you can see all else she has done by clicking here. Cheer up! It is Tuesday already!

credits: Bella Club
Blog - Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

by Bella Club

Who says Easter means chocolate only? We, for instance, prefer something in the style of pretty Paula Rebello. She is the one in today´s blog, by the way, coming to wish you an amazing time. We hope you have plenty of rest and fun these next few days. Lacking inspiration? Click and surprise yourself.
credits: Bella Club
Blog - Much more of pretty Ellen

Much more of pretty Ellen

by Bella Club

It is tomorrow! Tomorrow´s when you´ll be able to check brand new pictures of pretty Ellen Sapori  here in Bella Club.

About to turn 21, she works as a model since she was a little girl. She now works so one day she can have her own TV show. Do you have any doubts she would be a success?

The third part of her photo shoot airs this Friday. See you then!

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