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RICHARD GUIMARAES BELMONT wrote on O retorno de uma linda baixinha:
Gostaria muito de receber fotos destas BELDADES, obrigado
SubscriberMárcio wrote on Pés de princesa:
Delicia d+
SubscriberAvascir Lima Aragao wrote on Relembrar é viver!:
Uauuu, e estímulo maior que este não tem,linda Giselle.
Rodrigo BMW wrote on Relembrar é viver!:
Rodrigo BMW wrote on Pés de princesa:
que delícia eu lamberia todo!
CARLOS ROBERTO PETERLE wrote on O retorno de uma linda baixinha:
O nome dessa delícia é Amanda Sagaz...linda, linda e linda.
SubscriberFabio Pellegrini wrote on Pés de princesa:
SubscriberAvascir Lima wrote on Pés de princesa:
Lindos,mais como sou amante dos seios, vi um maravilhoso seio entre as belas pernas dessa princesa.
tam wrote on O retorno de uma linda baixinha:
são mulheres maravilhosas
Eduardo wrote on O retorno de uma linda baixinha:
Voltei a ser assinante do BDS porque a qualidade dos ensaios melhorou bastante! Só espero que dessa vez venha a 2ª parte do vídeo, porque no ensaio da Suzana Kviatkoski foi prometido, e NADA! Aliás, não sei qual é a dificuldade em ficar postando os vídeos com maior duração, visto que os ensaios tem várias seções. Acho que entre 4 e 5min de vídeo é muito POUCO, poderia ser muito mais, já que a qualidade dos ensaios subiu.
SubscriberGenivaldo da Silva Silva wrote on O retorno de uma linda baixinha:
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credits: Bella Club
Blog - More of: Amanda Sagaz

More of: Amanda Sagaz

by Bella Club

There was no doubt! The model who is due back to Bella Club on Monday, July 28th, is pretty Amanda Sagaz. The new pictures bring the pint-sized model feeling comfy, and trying to tease you with her friendly smile, her Lolita style, and her amazing body.

Until then, click here to see the first part of her photoshoot, and see how much she can do for you...
credits: Bella Club
Blog - Remember her?

Remember her?

by Bella Club

Nothing is as pleasant as remembering the good moments we went through. And pretty Giselle Vinotti is here to prove it. The model, owner of a perfectly sculpted behind, also proves Thursdays can be much hotter when you find the right path. Click here and see the photoshoot which will lead you to a brighter day.
credits: Bella Club
Blog - Footlovers, beware!

Footlovers, beware!

by Bella Club

The pint-sized babe who returns to Bella Club on Monday has cute little feet. To all footlovers out there, here is a special message: the blonde´s photoshoot´s part 2 also brings a brand new section entirely dedicated to her feet.

credits: Bella Club
Blog - The return of a beautiful babe

The return of a beautiful babe

by Bella Club

She is one of the most desired pint-sized models in Bella Club, and is due back in a few days with brand new pictures. Pay attention on the image above, and tell us: can you remember the name of the beautiful blonde who promises to drive you crazy next Monday?
credits: Bella Club
Blog - A toast to all cowboys out there!

A toast to all cowboys out there!

by Bella Club

You may not like country music, but you’ll definitely enjoy this perfectly-sculptured woman!

She responds by the name Sabrina, and is here to break the heart of all cowboys and country music lovers. The National Day of the American Cowboy is celebrated on the 27th in the US.

In this brand new photoshoot, the amazing babe dresses up as a sexy cowgirl, ready to tease one by one, and little by little undressing until she feels really comfortable - wearing nothing but a hat.

There is little before she conquers your heart. The pictures air this Friday, July 18th.

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