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Rodrigo BMW wrote on Mais de: Amanda Sagaz:
o coisinha gostosa
SubscriberLeonardo Prado de Oliveira wrote on Mais de: Amanda Sagaz:
Simplesmente maravilhosa!!
SubscriberLaurindo wrote on O retorno de uma linda baixinha:
Amanda! Demais!!! Ela merece vários bis...
SubscriberBruno wrote on Relembrar é viver!:
Muito gata, porém fazendo muitas "caras e bocas". Ensaio antigo. Ou seja, não mostra tudo que eu pago pra ver. Nota 6...
SubscriberCesar wrote on Pés de princesa:
bem-vinda novamente Amanda Sagaz.
Anderson wrote on Relembrar é viver!:
Ela é uma mulher muito sensual,tem um olhar sexy capaz de seduzir qualquer homem,com essa langeri que me leva a loucura !!!!!!
SubscriberPlinio Sergio Alonso Junior wrote on O retorno de uma linda baixinha:
amanda sagaz sensacional... mandou bem, Bella da Semana.
Nando wrote on Relembrar é viver!:
Hum... Imagina chegar em casa todo dia e se deparar com uma coisinha tão apetitosa na caminha. Aff
George wrote on Footlovers, beware!:
Hey Alex, If Vivi Bordin is now shy to pose in the nude, can she at least pose in a sexy dress. Please, Can you request her
RICHARD GUIMARAES BELMONT wrote on O retorno de uma linda baixinha:
Gostaria muito de receber fotos destas BELDADES, obrigado
SubscriberMárcio wrote on Pés de princesa:
Delicia d+
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credits: Bella Club
Blog - Xmas is coming!

Xmas is coming!

by Bella Club

There is only a month until Christmas, and today we are here to present you the first muse of this year´s Xmas special. The pretty blonde was one of the most voted models by our members, who voted on their favorite two to be the stars of this amazing photo shoot.

Stunning Marcielle Bagetti has left many men drooling for her in her previous photo shoot, and now returns even hotter - first on her own, then beside another beautiful Bella Club model.

Keep an eye on the blog and in our social media for more information on the Christmas special. Have a great week!
credits: Bella Club
Blog - The Christmas babes

The Christmas babes

by Bella Club

Check the two beauties chosen by you to star in this year´s Christmas special! Two phenomenal blondes. On one side, a hot chick with green eyes and lots of sensuality. On the other, a model who has driven you all nuts with the pictures she made to Bella Club. Between them, the website´s director, Alexandre Peccin, presenting both.

So, can you guess who are the two Christmas babes this year?

credits: Bella Club
Blog - It´s Thursday already!

It´s Thursday already!

by Bella Club

It is Thursday again, and about time you started planning the weekend. We asked the team here about their plans, and most of them said they would love spending more time in bed. I´m not sure, but I´m guessing they were to some extent inspired by lovely Anielly Campos  up here... What do you think?
credits: Bella Club
Blog - Her video also has more!

Her video also has more!

by Bella Club

Now that you have already seen Ellen´s brand new pictures, how about accessing the  link for her video and waching a few more scenes?

Part two of her behind-the-scenes comes as a sequel, right after the first part of the video, and is already available in her page. Have a good day!
credits: Bella Club
Blog - Ellen in brand new pictures

Ellen in brand new pictures

by Bella Club

New pictures of this beautiful babe are due here in Bella Club this Wednesday, November 20th. Ellen  is 20 years old and works as a model since she was a little girl.

The Brazilian natural wants to have her own TV show and says honesty is compulsory in every men. In bed, it´ll only happen if there’s the right chemistry, and it is dressing lingerie when she feels the sexiest.

Oh, there is also going to have the part 2 of her behind-the-scenes video. It´s tomorrow! You wouldn´t want to miss that!

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