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Fernando Lonn wrote on Visão do paraíso:
Também acho que é a Suelen Carvalho! Linda, mas estou esperando mesmo uma Parte 3 da gatíssima Suzana Kviatkoski!!!
SubscriberGenivaldo da Silva Silva wrote on Visão do paraíso:
Tá na posição que eu adoro pegar Suelen Carvalho essa gata é uma Marainha do paraíso.
SubscriberFelipe wrote on Visão do paraíso:
Opa, falaram em Franciele Christ e Joice Brum. Duas que merecem um retorno na minha opinião.
rita wrote on O carro mais caro do mundo:
Realmente o carro é animal. Rira
Guilherme wrote on Visão do paraíso:
Essa foi difícil, mas é a Suelen Carvalho!
SubscriberAntonio wrote on Visão do paraíso:
É a maravilhosa Franciele Crhist. Aproveitando, bem que podia rolar um bônus da Joice Brum.
Anthony wrote on This is heaven!:
Piece of cake...Ellen Sapori
Carlos R. Lemos wrote on Visão do paraíso:
Essa visão do paraíso é Ellen Sapori.
SubscriberJuliano Esteves Fernandes wrote on Visão do paraíso:
Suelen Carvalho :/
SubscriberLucas wrote on Visão do paraíso:
A gostosa da Suelen Carvalho
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credits: Getty Images
Blog - Cava: sparkling wine

Cava: sparkling wine

by Bella Club

Without a doubt, when we talk about sparkling wine, our main reference is Champagne, in France. Therefore, there are others sparkling wines that we cannot help but mention, such as the ones that come from Penedès region in Catalonia, Spain, which are great in quality and production volume, being one of the leaders in the category´s worldwide commercialization.

Know more about this type of sparkling wine in our Sommelier  article. Click here  to read its full version.

credits: Bella Club
Blog - Follow us on Facebook

Follow us on Facebook

by Bella Club

Hey you, who likes checking the social media a couple (or more) times a day! Our news on Facebook are posted daily, and the fanpage brings information on our models, new photo shoots, bonus pictures, special offers, and articles. Above all that, you still have the chance to get free monthly memberships. Click here to interact with us on Facebook, and remember all your comments and sugestions are taken into account by our team.

*Model illustrating this post: Paula Rebello .
credits: Getty Images
Blog - The essencial wardrobe items

The essencial wardrobe items

by Bella Club

The new  Spot article is dedicated to those who don´t know quite well from where to start in order to invest in some essencial items of clothing. In other words, a limited number of pieces that may be combined within themselves, leaving you well dressed both in black-tie events, and in cool dates with the chick.

From your work clothes to the nightclub look, see the list author Mariana Goulart has done to help you with that.  Click here to read the full article.
credits: Bella Club
Blog - We miss Veridiana

We miss Veridiana

by Bella Club

We miss Veridiana Freitas so much with her piercing blue eyes and sculptural body! For the week to be joyful, here is a beautiful image of the model who has enchanted to all after photographing to Bella Club. To those who still haven´t had the pleasure of seeing her photo shoot, and to those who would like to see it all over again, here is the direct link . All you gotta do is click and enjoy the beauty of today´s post. Have a good day, ya´ll!
credits: Bella Club
Blog - This Monday: more of Pamela

This Monday: more of Pamela

by Bella Club

There is little to go before we see the new pictures of teasing Pamela Sophiatti here in Bella Club. The brand new sections are going to be published this Monday, 13th, including one dedicated to all foot lovers out there.

In order to start the weekend in great style and get ready for what´s to come, click to see  what Pamela has done around here already.
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