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Ankur Patel wrote on Unmistakable!:
Rafaela Didea
paulo wrote on Inconfundível!:
Rafaela didea... the best of 2013
SubscriberJuliano wrote on Inconfundível!:
Se for mesmo a Rafaela Didea, vai valer a espera, pra mim ela e Paula Rebello são as melhores do site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no aguardo!!!!!!!!!
JOÃO wrote on Inconfundível!:
Esta é inconfundível! Trata-se da linda e deliciosa Rafela Didea. Que seja muito bem vinda gata! Parabéns ao BDS pela sequência maravilhosa entre Ellen Sapori e agora a Rafa! Que venha logo este ensaio! Abraços
Felipe wrote on Inconfundível!:
Rafaela Didea
JOÃO wrote on Inconfundível!:
Esta é inconfundível! Trata-se da linda e deliciosa Rafaela Didea. Que venha logo este ensaio. Parabéns BDS pela sequência na escolha entre Ellen Sapori e agora a Rafaela. Uma das mais lindas modelos do site.
SubscriberAntonio wrote on Inconfundível!:
É a sensacional, maravilhosa, linda, gostosa, ... : Rafaela Didea. Obrigado BDS!
Pedro wrote on Inconfundível!:
Rafaela Didea, o amor da minha vida!
ankur sharma wrote on Unmistakable!:
She is Rafaela didea i know her..
SubscriberJurandir Oliveira wrote on Inconfundível!:
Rafaela Didea!
Anthony wrote on Unmistakable!:
She is a sexy angel with an enchanting smile combined with seductive curves.And her name is...Rafaela Didea!!!
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credits: Bella Club
Blog - Bella Club model on TV

Bella Club model on TV

by Bella Club

Brazilian natural Carolina Goncalves is now a stage assistant in one of the most famous TV shows in the country: "Panico na Band". Along with other hot chicks, Carolina will be showing all her best angles on television. But you have seen her already! We know you have! She was right here on Bella Club, feeling comfy in front of the cameras.

Click here
to see her photo shoot and let us know what you think of her!


Comments wrote on 2012/05/30:
Salman noori wrote on 2012/04/22:
SubscriberYudi wrote on 2012/04/11:
its very amazing

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