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Nude Art

Model´s photo:  Ana de Castro

Date and place of birth:
January 31st, 1986, in Campinas, São Paulo.

Lives in:


5,45 ft

37,81 in

27,17 in

35,04 in

7 ½

Career, family or studying, what is your moment right now?

Your biggest challenge is/was...
Moving from São Paulo to Santa Catarina when I was a teenager and having to start new friendships from scratch.

What would you definitely not do?
I´d never take someone´s life.

Your biggest accomplishments?
Learning to live by myself, without depending on my friends to be happy. I´m in a moment of my life in which I am enough to myself.

New projects?
Graduate by the end of the year and living abroad.

Awkward moment:
Saying the wrong thing at the wrong moment.

A compliment:

A color:

A verb:
I can.

A destination:
To be free.

Song for strip-tease:
Breathe on me, by Britney Spears.

Male strip-tease club, have you ever been to one? What did you think of it?
Never been and don´t want to.

What doesn’t a woman say on the first date?
About her feelings.

In a man, what is that thing that first catches your eyes?
An eye wink with a crooked smile, just like my boyfriend does.

If a hot rich guy made you an indecent proposal, what would you do?
Nothing! He can keep his money as well as his proposal.

How do you spice up a nice night for 2?
Never letting nights become a routine. Spice it up, always!

Have you ever fulfilled one of his sexual fantasies? Which one?

Is sensuality a state of mind?
No, you are either sexy or you´re not.

The ego generally walks side by side with a modeling career. How do you deal with it?
I work well with him.

How was your BellaClub experience?
I was really tense and embarrassed in the beginning, but nothing like a good team to make you perfectly comfortable and result in a beautiful photo shoot.

You as a Brazilian citizen...
Honestly, I need to pay more attention to current affairs.

A message to your fans:
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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