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Model´s photo:  Cibelle Ribeiro
Cibelle Ribeiro - At 27, the new Bella Club model is currently in a competition which is going to choose the most beautiful Brazilian bottom. Cibelle Ribeiro, who lives in the Northeast of the country, works as a flight attendant and in the last few weeks have been in the national media for revealing she has been going out with former soccer player Romario. Even competing to have her bum crowned as the most beautiful one in Brazil, she says the favorite part of her body are her legs. Tsc, tsc. This photo shoot is going to impress you!
Birthdate:  June 8th, 1985.
Lives in: a city called Fortaleza (in Ceara State, Northeast of Brazil).
Sign: gemini.

Height: 5,6ft.
Hips: 40,9in.
Waist: 26,7in.
Bust: 35,4in.
Feet: 8.5 (US) | 6 (UK).

What an honor being able to photograph one of the Miss Bumbum 2012 competitors (a Brazilian contest among girls from each State which crowns the model with the most beautiful bum of them all). Tell us a bit about this experience. It is great being able to participate of this contest, since it has a lot repercussion and visibility. People think it is awesome when I tell them I am trying to win the title of the model who owns the best bum in the country! LOL

And there are still people who think the derrière is not real? There are, indeed. Even because nowadays it has become pretty easy to increase the size of your bottom. But I am afraid of going through such things, especially when it concerns my bum! LOL

What do you do to keep all your curves into place? I try to follow a diet with the orientation of my nutritionist, I have a personal trainer who helps me with my weigth training and I also drink lots of water.

Tell us something crazy you have done to reach one of your goals. All I have to say is that I don´t give up easily. When I put something in my head, I only rest after I can have it conquered. I do it all, except things which can hurt other people´s feelings or lives. I cannot actually remember something specific I did, since I do crazy things almost daily. I am a bit crazy myself!

Had you ever been to Florianópolis before (the city where the photo shoot was made, far far away from her homwtown)? I have spent a few holidays there, I have also spent a New Year´s Eve in town. I love Jurere (a neighborhood), I go there every time I can.

You seem to be feeling pretty comfy in the behind-the-scenes photos. Having your pictures taken has always been that easy? No! The more you pose for pictures, the easier it gets, really. Nowadays I help the photographer a lot, I pose without him having to tell me what to do, but I also find it important to have a feedback from him on my pictures. I am a perfectionist.

Tell us how everything started, then. I used to work as a model a lot, but as a freelance, say. It was never my real job. After I returned from a course in Europe, I heard about the contest (the bum one) but it was already late for me to register. I then waited for its next edition and thank God everything´s been working fine up to now.

What other jobs have you done as a model? I have worked in several events and fairs, I have photographed for surfing magazines, I have done a sexy shooting for Status and Luxury magazines, besides catwalks and lingerie catalogs.

Even before you had your pictures taken by our team, some of your fans were already asking about your photo shoot to Bella Club. What do you do to be so special?  LOL thank you. I believe women, besides looking after themselves in order to feel beautiful and attractive, should also work on their friendliness, on their charisma and on being polite and pleasant. That is what makes you different from all the rest. A woman might be gorgeous, but if she is annoying, she misses half her beauty. I believe I have an extra ´sauce´, a spice or something. And that is something that comes along, you do not go after it, you do not conquer it – you simply have it.

What is the feeling of being oh-so-hot? Well thanks again! LOL I consider myselft to be a regular woman when it comes to the beauty of my body. I am hot, but not THAT hot as people say around there. I am actually trying to get better and better all the time, I am never satisfied with my body. But of course I enjoy the feeling!

How would you define yourself in three words? Anxious, spontaneous and friendly.

If you could have three of your wishes done, which three would you wish for?  (1) Reach my professional goals, being recognized for my work and respected in my field. (2) As a consequence, not have to worry about money. (3) Form a family, get married to a nice guy, have children and a dog in a beautiful home.

Now a question most men love: have you ever been hit on by another woman? Indeed I have. But I am pretty naïve when it comes to that. I never know if they are trying something or if they are just being friendly. Women are more subtle when it comes to trying and taking you to bed.

And has any famous fella ever tried something with you? Many. Many have already tried, which is different from actually getting it..

What is irresistible to you? Inteligence and sense of humor.

In which situation do you score 10x0? When I need to be flexible and able to make decisions quickly in a difficult situation.

What are the plans for the future? I am now thinking about Carnival, I want to be in Rio de Janeiro ro enjoy it, I also want to keep working as a model for now and also dedicate myselft to the Miss Bumbum competition finals (November 30th).

And which soccer team do you support? I support Ceara, since I was born there, but I also support Rio´s team Flamengo.

Last but not least, how was it photographing to Bella Club? I love photographing to Bella Club. The team is very professional and I felt really comfortable during the photo shoot.

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