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Model´s photo:  Marcielle Bagetti
Marcielle Bagetti - The new Bella Club model is 27 years old and has done crazy things in life – she doesn’t reveal what she did, though. The hypnotizing blonde also says she’s capable of anything when love knocks on her door. Owner of beautiful blue eyes, she doesn’t refuse an invitation for BBQ and beer. In order to keep the curves into place, Marcielle Bagetti dances, cycles and sometimes tries playing basketball. See all the eccentricity of the Bella who loves breaking rules...
Date and place of birth: August 8th, 1984, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Lives in: Cachoeirinha - a city in the extreme South of Brazil.
Height: 5,6ft.
Hips: 39,3in.  
Waist: 26,2in.
Bust: 39in.
Feet: 6,5 (UK) | 9 (US).
What other jobs have you done as a model?
I have done magazine covers, catalogues and I have also worked on a TV show here in Brazil.

How was the start of your career in modelling?
It was okay, it happened at the right time.

What are your professional goals now?
I would like to be selected as a participant of a reality show.

What do you do when no one’s watching?
I stare myself in the mirror and check my body to see if it’s okay...

Have you ever wanted to kiss a woman?
I’m into men, I’m afraid... lol

Do you always get along with men? Always!

What turns you off in bed?  
Having no one available... lol

Do you practice any sports?
I love dancing, playing basketball and cycling.

Which special power would you like to have?
I would like to be able to teleport anywhere.

In what kind of situation do you feel sexier?
When I am very tanned and I can see the tan lines on my naked body.

Can you remember your first kiss?
I can indeed, I stole it from my brother’s friend lol.

Are you capable of everything when you’re in love?
Yes! I do everything to please the person I love.

Call me and I’ll go:
to a barbecue with lots of beer.

I never: I would never do drugs.

For you, sex is: 
intimacy, partnership and pleasure.

Is forbidden sex better?
I love breaking the rules! lol

Something crazy you’ve done:
it was too insane, I cannot say...

Food: Japanese.

Drink: champagne.

Song: I am into lots of song styles... it depends on the moment, really.

The Secret in Their Eyes (El secreto de sus ojos - original in Spanish).

Color: pink.

Clothes: basics, but sexy.

 An important conquest:
do whatever I please.

A message to your Bella Club fans:
do not expect anything from anyone. Having expectations hurts. Life is short, so love life, be happy and smile a lot.

Live for yourself and remember:
before you talk, listen; before you write, think; before you hurt, feel; before you hate, love; before you give up, try; before you die, LIVE!

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