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Model´s photo:  Raphaela Moreira
Raphaela Moreira - The photo shoot for BellaClub was the first of her career. Eighteen year-old Raphaela Moreira started modeling this year and only Bella Club has the privilege of showing her naked.
In love with sand, sea and life, this lovely brunette sleeps in her panties and knows how to tease, even being so young.
She tells us to appreciate her pictures with moderation. Well, that is something our members can’t promise you! Enjoy all the advantages of being a member and check all she has to show you.

Date and place of birth: September 10th, 1992, in Porto Alegre, south of Brazil.
Lives in: Porto Alegre (RS).

Height: 1.65m
Hips: 89cm
Waist: 69cm
Bust: 85cm
Feet: 36

What other Jobs have you done as a model? None.

When did you first start modeling? After completing 18, it´s really recent.
Have you found your prince charming? Well, I´m not sure...

You have a costume party to go to at the weekend. What do you dress up as? Devil! lol

What do you do when no one´s watching? Tough question...

Have you ever kissed another girl? Nope.

Would you? Not sure.

Do you go to the gym? Yes.

Practice any sports? No.

What do you do when you want to impress a man in bed? That´s a secret!

Soccer team: Gremio [team from the south of Brazil].

Something you love: life.

Something you hate: fonies.

Indispensable: the people I love.

Dispensable: arguing.

Call me and I´ll go: to the beach.

Sex, for you, is: caring.

Pet: dog.

Food: Italian.

Drink: during the day, watermelon juice; at night, tequila.

Song: ‘Say it right’, by Nelly Furtado.

Film: PS, I Love You.

Color: pink.

Clothes: comfortable.

How do you sleep? In my panties only.

A goal: happiness, always!
A message to your BellaClub fans: enjoy with moderation ;)

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