BellaClub presents   Natal 2016 Monique - Here's your first X-mas gift Natal 2016 Monique - Here's your first X-mas giftThis year’s Christmas Special brings a very special babe. When you saw her around here during the year, you were certainly asking for more – and we must say Santa has considered your request. In this first Christmas photo shoot, all-natural Monique Helena is ready to tease all of those who have behaved nicely throughout the year (and also those who haven’t been such good boys…). Are you curious to open your present #1? See the special photo shoot now! [Published in Nov. 30th, 2016].

 Thaís Geliski Thaís Geliski

 Camila & Laísa Camila & Laísa

After seeing the lovely Monique Helena, the model who stars this second themed photo shoot is another stunning woman. The second great gift we have to give you is Dieimi Sherllon – who will certainly keep you busy for some time once you access her photos!On Wednesday you’ll be able to see all the pictures of the gorgeous helper.  Blog You deserve one more present!

Now that you’ve played a bit with our Christmas Special’s first model, it’s time to discover who is the second hottie who’s going to complete de scene. Next week she’ll be around here in a single photo shoot, with lots of love to share. The week after that, both models will be here together, ready to make your Christmas even happier.There’ll be two great reasons to celebrate the date! So, any ideas on who’s the second helper this year?  Blog Bella’s second Christmas helper is...

‘My Bella’ is a space we developed in Bella Club so you can keep the photos you like the most, organized the way that suits you best! All the content you select is stored in the cloud, safely kept in a virtual folder, in which privacy is a must-have (if you keep your folder private, no one will be able to see it or access it). If you prefer, you can also share your space with your friends and other users, as well as getting grades and comments.Want to know what the advantages are?- you have access you your favorite pictures more rapidly- all the pictures you like the most are gathered in a unique place- the folders are all stored in the cloud, and can be accessed whenever you like, with all the privacy you deserve- you create as many folders you want, and you can classify them in accordance to their content- you get suggestions of similar images, based on your personal taste- you can access the public folders of other members- you can share your folders with friends- you can grade photos, scoring them and leaving personal comments- ‘My Bella’ is for Bella Club members onlyClick here to create your first folder! Blog Store your favorite photos in the cloud

She's a model, a fitness competitor, a reality-show host, a hot woman, and now she's an actress! Gil Jung, the amazing brunette who has previously photographed for Bella Club, keeps radiating her own natural light wherever she goes. Especially now, after recording some hot scenes for a Brazilian soap opera currently on air, called Sol Nascente (Rising Sun, in free translation).Here, she has 20 photo sets - one better than the other. Click here now to see all of them, and fall in love for all of her talents!  Blog Gil Jung is in Brazilian soap opera

Everybody thinks they know something about someone. The problem of thinking is that it doesn’t mean we are certain. In this week’s tip, Aleksandar Mandic borrows a sentence in German to distinguish thinking from knowing. Mantips Do you think or are you sure?

Usually those who are most concerned about what they’ll be wearing in parties are women. But when the party is big or important, men also like picking their clothes with more attention. Fashion What to wear in holiday parties?

This triangular island is a real treat to our eyes – but especially to our deepest senses. It is clearly visible, before landing, that we are arriving in a very special place, an amazing spot for the most adventurous. Exotic Destination Easter Island: a mystery in the Pacific


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