BellaClub presents   Sara Alves - A babe who came to stay Sara Alves - A babe who came to stayThis stunning babe has been working as a model since she was 12 years old. Currently in her 20s, never before has she photographed completely naked, and even though this is her first nude job, she’s proved she’s come to stay! The Brazilian babe loves cooking and singing. For her, the best kiss is the slow one. Pretty hot, huh?! It’s about time you saw her whole photo shoot here in Bella Club!

 Caroline Junqueira Caroline Junqueira

 Letícia Lucena Letícia Lucena

Almond-shaped eyes, a charming smile, natural breasts and the typical bum of all Brazilian ladies. The new Bella Club model is a charming babe, and you’re seeing everything she did around here on Wednesday next week, November 22.We’ll be waiting for you here so we can present you with yet another one of our goddesses… Blog The typical Brazilian woman

An experienced man, married for 10 years, a father of two boys, arrives in my clinic after feeling his wife cold and distant, with the bombastic news: she was having an affair. Not with another man, but with a woman. He was terrified. What to do? How to react?Read more about this case by clicking here, then leave your opinion around so we can have a chat.  Blog Wife and another woman: cheating?

The week's barely started, and Barbara Fontenelle is full of energy to seize the day. She's about to sunbathe by the pool, swim a little, and then spend some quality time at the couch. Do you have the same plans for today, by any chance? Click here to be inspired, and have a lovely, lovely day! Blog Do you have plans for later?

She prefers slow kisses, feels extremely sexy when she’s photographing, and sleeps in tiny pajamas. On her free time, she likes cooking, singing and traveling. On a daily basis, she studies do become a lawyer and trains heavily at the gym to keep her body in order.We could keep talking all day about the peculiarities of stunning Sara Alves, but we prefer to let you see it for yourself. The second part of her photo shoot is being released here in Bella Club this Wednesday. We hope to see you then! Blog Sara Alves: back on Wednesday

Every year trends related to physical activities are projected for the following months. For 2018, one of these trends are the collective classes. But the question we ask about that is: are these classes good for me? Personal Trainer The disadvantages of collective classes

As soon as something goes wrong, there’s always someone to point fingers and pass on the blame. The thing is, mistakes are collective achievements, we must never give someone away when things get out of hand. Mantips Stop passing on the blame

We are slaves of cellphones, computers, messages, meetings, appointments, always late even without knowing or noticing that hours go by, to make us older and cruelly show the inutility of rushing by. Max around the world Reflections


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