BellaClub presents   Brenda Rodrigues - A real delight! Brenda Rodrigues - A real delight!We now present you with a photo shoot that has everything to do with the Brazilian women: filled with femininity, sweetness, and sensuality. Starred by model Brenda Rodrigues and eternalized by photographer Roberto Salgado, these photos were taken in a peaceful cottage, and show everything you would like to see – with class and beauty, a real delight! Access Bella Club right now to see what Brenda is capable of doing with you and your senses…

 Fernanda Liberato, from Big Brother Fernanda Liberato, from Big Brother

 Kariny Rodrigues Kariny Rodrigues

Revealing strong muscles and well-kept curves due to the heavy training sessions, brunette Priscila Rocha returns to Bella Club on Wednesday with the second part of a steamy photo shoot. She, who is know in the social media as Barbie’s brunette version, was part of the list of muses of one of the most famous samba schools from Rio in last year’s carnival parade.Stay tuned so you won’t miss her brand new photos the day after tomorrow. In the meantime, click here to see what she’s done before.  Blog See her in brand new photos!

Known in the social media as Barbie doll’s dark-haired version, Brazilian Priscila Rocha decided it was about time she returned to Bella Club with the second part of a steamy photo shoot. Click here to see what she did before, and get ready for what’s coming next!  Blog See more photos of our Barbie

Now this is what we call good news: Apple, along with RED, an organization that helps fights HIV/AIDS in Africa, has decided to revert part of the income acquired from the sales of the iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus to help on the prevention. Every purchase contributes to the Global Fund to support HIV/AIDS programs and help deliver an AIDS-free generation.According to RED’s CEO Deborah Dugan, this is a way to include the consumers, who now “have the opportunity to make a different and contribute to the Global Fund”, indirectly offering access to live-saving medications in the African continent.The technology giant has released a special version of the smartphone in a vibrant red aluminium finish, which can be purchased on Apple’s official web site from Friday. Prices vary from US$ 749 to US$ 869. Blog Apple unveils special-edition iPhone7

This post is for those who still haven’t decided if they should or shouldn’t pay for a Bella Club subscription. It’s obvious that we could now list all the advantages of becoming a member of Brazil’s hottest website, but maybe it’s better if you take your own conclusions.In order to inspire you, we’ve got a special gift to deliver: Vanessa Vailatti’s complete photo shoot, available for free. Click here if you’d like to be surprised.  Blog See all of her photos for free!

You can’t simply convince someone to like the ménage-à-trois-fetish by coming up with the brilliant idea of a threesome – especially NOT during the act. The thing is: it’s not the lack of willing or curiosity that make women say no to a third pers Dating The ménage à trois fantasy

We’ve all heard winemakers and salespeople proclaim certain bottles to be unique thanks to their “spectacular, high elevation” vineyard sites, but what exactly does “high elevation” mean when it comes to finished wine? Sommelier Wines with altitude

Many people come to us and ask: What should I do to have a beach body? Our answer to that is quite straightforward: have a body, go to the beach! You need to follow routines that make you happy. In other words, routines that respect your possibilities and Personal Trainer Health goes beyond aesthetics


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