BellaClub presents   Nalu Kasmierski - In breathtaking new photos! Nalu Kasmierski - In breathtaking new photos!Here’s a warning: calm your heart before opening Bella Club’s new photo shoot. The photos will be released tomorrow, so you still have enough time to drink a chamomile tea, pop a blood pressure pill, and save the phone number of your cardiologist on your phone, because Nalu Kasmierski is ready to test you. The 23-year-old blonde is the perfect mixture of a shy girl with a teasing woman, the gorgeous combination of a lovely chick with the perfect girlfriend. Nalu’s pure joy and says all is perfect when we’re close to people who care about our happiness. Save the date for her! The shooting is available now, just waiting for you to see…

 Rosane Cardoso Rosane Cardoso

 Barbara Gomes Barbara Gomes

Today we'll be having a live photo shoot, and you'll be able to see all that's happening! We'll be posting photos and videos here in our blog and also in our social media throughout the day. In order not to miss any details, come with us:Facebook: /bellaclubSnapchat: /belladasemanaInstagram: @belladasemanaoficialTumblr: belladasemana.tumblr.comTwitter: /bellaclubGoogle +: +bellaclubBella Club - the best excuse to check the social media! Blog Today is live photo shoot day!

It's with pleasure (lots of pleasure!) that were here today to inform you that next week's photo shoot will be double! In the meantime, since we still can't show you the lovely pair that's coming our way, let's see the photos of twins Nara and Naiara Alves who have posed together and charmed us all a couple of years ago. Just click here to see how gorgeous they both are. Blog I give you double!

Have you ever thought about having in your home-sweet-home the turbine of a Boeing? Or maybe a coffee table made out of a plane's fuselage?Well, that's exactly what the guys from Fallen Furniture do: they use parts of both military and civilian planes as the raw-material for furniture and decoration items. According to them, the idea comprises "a design process and ethos has been born that centres on celebrating a single, beautifully engineered aircraft part and marrying it with an eclectic mix of sustainable metals, woods and textiles to create a truly unique product of elegance, functionality and modernity."The official website doesn't say how much the pieces cost - which make us drop to the conclusion that their artwork is anything but cheap. But you got to agree with us: it's genius, and we bet there are many people out there who would do pratically anything to grab a hold of one of those!  Blog Aircraft made into furniture

It's tomorrow that we'll be releasing part 2 of Nalu Kasmierski's photo shoot here in Bella Club. The stunning babe is about to turn 24 years old, and is the mixture of the shy girl with the teasing woman. Nalu's pure joy, and says "everything is perfect when we're close to the ones who wish us well."Feeling comfortable, she has shown her best attributes to the lenses of photographer Alex Ribeiro, and the result of yet another portion of this beautiful work you'll be able to see around here tomorrow.  Blog Come to us, Nalu!

In this month's second Mantips, Aleksandar Mandic talks about the need of audacious people in the business world. After all, being successful according to him is having audacity not only as the first basic requirement. Mantips Audacity is the key to success

Sherry, for ages one of the most tradition-bound, staid and ignored wines in the world, is surging in popularity. A new generation of wine drinkers is embracing this idiosyncratic, fortified product from Spain’s deep south. Sommelier Sherry wine decoded

In the business world you must only have three answers to all questions people make: yes, no, or I don't know. But obviously with the latter followed by an efficient "but I'll get more information on that". Mantips The mother of all mistakes


Apart from our models (because than this poll would be disloyal), what do you like the most in Bella Club?


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