BellaClub presents   Fernanda Liberato - She’s an author of erotic tales... Fernanda Liberato - She’s an author of erotic tales...Our new star has been on TV, has temporarily lived in ‘Brazil’s most watched house’, therefore no spectator had the pleasure to see everything she’s about to show in this photo shoot. Fernanda Liberato, a former 2016’s Big Brother Brazil participant, is a delicious mixture: she’s a model, an artist, and a writer. She published an erotic tales’ book, and says the stories she wrote are a combination of her own reality with teasing desires, perceptions of one’s routine, and lots of sexual fantasies. In Bella Club, she takes all of her clothes off, and shows not only she owns a beautiful soul, but also an amazing body – a mix of poetry, teasing, and sensuality of a woman who knows what she deserves. Her photos are already available. What are you waiting for to see her up close and personal?

 Beatriz Aguiar Beatriz Aguiar

 Priscilla Guimaraes Priscilla Guimaraes

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We had a live photo shoot this Tuesday, and it was awesome! During the whole day, we be posted photos and videos of a model being photographed in real time - a pretty blonde, fan of tattoos, and all. There's more in our social media channels:Facebook: /bellaclubSnapchat: /belladasemanaInstagram: @belladasemanaTumblr: belladasemana.tumblr.comTwitter: /bellaclubBella Club - the best excuse to be on the web! Blog See how this Tuesday's live shooting was

The audience of last year's Brazilian Big Brother voted her out, but if it depended on Bella Club, Fernanda Liberato would stay forever! This Wednesday, February 22nd, the model, writer and artist returns to the website with the second part of her photo shoot - feeling quite comfortable, naked in the swimming pool. Grab a towel and join her for a great time. It's going to be a beautiful day!  Blog We vote for her to stay... forever!

We're going to have a live photo shoot this Tuesday! During the whole day, we'll be posting photos and videos of a model being photographed in real time. In order not to miss any second, stay tuned in our blog, and also in our social media channels:Facebook: /bellaclubSnapchat: /belladasemanaInstagram: @belladasemanaTumblr: belladasemana.tumblr.comTwitter: /bellaclubBella Club - the best excuse to be on the web! Blog Live photo shoot this Tuesday!

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