BellaClub presents   Natal 2016 Dieimi - You deserve one more present! Natal 2016 Dieimi - You deserve one more present!After seeing the lovely Monique Helena, the model who stars this second themed photo shoot is another stunning woman. The second great gift we have to give you is Dieimi Sherllon – who will certainly keep you busy for some time once you access her photos! Click here to see all the pictures of the gorgeous helper. After that, start imagining the two of them together…

 Christmas Special: Monique Christmas Special: Monique

 Thaís Geliski Thaís Geliski

Here comes another live photo shoot for you to see - probably the last we're going to have this year! This Tuesday, Dec 13th, we'll be posting photos and videos of a live photo shoot throughout the day. In order not to miss any second, stay tuned here in our blog, and also in our social media:Facebook: /bellaclubSnapchat: /belladasemanaInstagram: @belladasemanaTumblr: belladasemana.tumblr.comTwitter: /bellaclubGoogle +: +bellaclubBella Club - the best excuse to check the social media!  Blog This Tuesday: live photo shoot!

There’s little to go before we can see both Christmas babes playing together. Next week you’ll be able to have some real fun with Monique Helena and Dieimi Sherllon – a real present from Bella Club to all of those who have made our year happier.The first part of the double photo shoot will be released on Wednesday, and you’re not allowed to miss it!  Blog Here comes the Christmas couple!

There's a brunette here who is dying to see you again so she can show you her pierced-nipple, green eyes, and amazing breasts one more time. You wouldn't want to make her sad, would you? Click here to see Amanda Maquellen's incredible photo shoot!   Blog This babe is missing you...

Port wine is one of Europe’s greatest classics. Its history is vast, and fascinating. In fact, this wine and sherry’s (about which we’ve talked about here before) are the only ones that adopt distinct elaboration processes. Meaning: they do not follow the same fermentation criteria of the world’s other wine types.Would you like to know more about Port wine? Click here to read this month’s Sommelier article.  Blog What do you know about Port wine?

We’ll be offering suggestions for Christmas gifts related to making your babe even more attractive. Meaning: make-up, cosmetics in general, hair products and all that stuff. Shall we start? What Women Want Gift ideas for her

Everybody thinks they know something about someone. The problem of thinking is that it doesn’t mean we are certain. In this week’s tip, Aleksandar Mandic borrows a sentence in German to distinguish thinking from knowing. Mantips Do you think or are you sure?

Usually those who are most concerned about what they’ll be wearing in parties are women. But when the party is big or important, men also like picking their clothes with more attention. Fashion What to wear in holiday parties?


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