BellaClub presents   Oktoberfest 2015 - Celebrate the world’s largest beer party with three breathtaking babes! Oktoberfest 2015 - Celebrate the world’s largest beer party with three breathtaking babes!It's time to celebrate the world's largest German party with a special toast! We have reunited unpublished photos of three blonde babes who were here before, and left you feeling thirsty! To pay a very special tribute to Oktoberfest, here are Ana Paula Cordova, Emanuela Nunes, and Fernanda Estrela. Spare a pint to toast with them here in Bella Club!

 Karoline Schwonke Karoline Schwonke

 Manu Muniz Manu Muniz

At 21, the new Bella Club model is an example of perfection! Intelligent, humble, and with a bum that can stop even the most terrible rush-hour traffics, the innocent Dieimi Sherllon is here to spread kindness to all Bella Club fans!Tomorrow we’ll be presenting you our new model. To have plenty of time to see everything she’ got to show you, please reschedule this Tuesday’s meetings and get ready to see the owner of a lovely behind, silicone-free breasts, and a charming personality! 
Blog Dieimi: the new Bella Club model

As you already know, we’ll be having a brand new photo shoot next week – and you can’t miss it! Our new model, who you’ve previously seen in this post here, is the type of woman who goes to the stadium to watch soccer, does everything she can to please a man in bed, and doesn’t give up her own dreams – no matter how difficult the path may be.There’s little to go before you can see this 21 year-old babe. While you wait, enjoy the weekend and keep an eye on our blog’s news. 
Blog This Tuesday: new photo shoot

It is indeed hard to believe we're in October already! It'll soon be Christmas, and with another blink of an eye we'll be in 2016. Time flies, and that's why we believe sometimes we just shouldn't resist to some of the temptations that show up in our path. This photo shoot of Suzana, for example... why resist it? Just click here to let yourself go with the beauty of this amazing woman! 
Blog October is great already!

This is the babe who got all the attention in this post, made a few days ago about a photo shoot that, at the time, was being made live for Bella Club. It is she who'll be around here next week with teasing photos and video. Any comments on her talents?
Blog New photo shoot next week!

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Apart from our models (because than this poll would be disloyal), what do you like the most in Bella Club?


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