BellaClub presents   Vanessa Vailatti em Fotos e Making Of exclusivo Vanessa Vailatti - In brand new pictures that'll make you drool!This is the biggest winner of Bella Club’s Beauty Contest (stage 2, live voting). What she got from it, besides a money prize, was the special shooting which you are now able to see in full. It was a popular live voting that happened in an event during Carnival time. In the party promoted by Brazilian journalist Cacau Menezes, Vanessa Vailatti went to the catwalk with other 10 participants, and was the most cheered for: ‘hearing those 15.000 people screaming my name was definitely one of the most special moments I have ever lived’, says de 22-year-old blonde. By looking at these pictures you can tell it was an honest result. Want to see more of what she wants to show you? Turn off your phone, reschedule today’s meetings, and click here to see the special photo shoot.

Izabella Morales

Franciele Christ

Blog We’re in serious trouble! Voluptuous, tan-lined breasts, a lovely bum, and hypnotizing eyes… The new Bella Club model is our dream girl! She’s 20 years old and carries with her that I’m-a-nasty-girl look. In this photo shoot, she shows she’s got lots (and I say LOTS) of talent! No wonder she’s got over 37.000 followers on Facebook…But enough of nonsense! Her pictures say more than any words we can add to this text. In order to appreciate all of this babe’s beauty, put this on your schedule: we’ll be publishing her photos tomorrow. Don’t you miss that!

Blog This Thursday'll be amazing! Our business never was predicting the future, but we got to say we've something to tell you here: we're sure this Thursday's going to be quite an amazing day with the releasing of her photos. For it to happen, you have to promise you'll be here on time, and ta-da! Wonderful, magical, hot day ahead!

Blog Our next photo shoot By looking at the way she looks back at us, we can only say one thing: our next shooting will certainly be delicious! This blonde bombshell you see there will be in our pages from next week. You can't miss it! Keep your eyes on the blog for more information.

Blog Part 2: behind the scenes Did you know that besides the new photos,  Vanessa Vailatti's photo shoot's part 2 also brings another video and several behind-the-scenes images? The video comes right after the first one. To watch it, all you have to do is push play and wait for the second half to come, or roll it up to the desired portion. The making-of pictures follow the same pattern - the 41 images come in the sequence of the first ones, just roll it down until you find them!After having fun with them, remember to leave a comment in today's post so we can know what you think about it. Have a good day!

What Women Want The ugly truth or a silly little lie? Last time I talked about quite a controversial subject. I talked about women who actually admit they enjoy the company of sleazebags, and I received a few e-mails commenting on that.

Exotic Destination Belize: a magical place in the Caribbean If there's anything I can say about Belize's that it's one of those strange places we feel obliged to visit at least once in a lifetime in order to feel the energy of a calm life, a friendly population, and a wild nature.

Jet Set A helicopter for few Compared to its antecessors, H160 is more silent, and probably won’t present any kind of difficulties while flying under severe meteorological conditions due to its Fenestron double-inclined tail, and biplane stabilizer.


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