BellaClub presents   Mariane Tarrafel - Actress, model, muse, and very, very hot! Mariane Tarrafel - Actress, model, muse, and very, very hot!Think about a funny woman. Now add a generous pinch of friendliness, and about 300 tablespoons of deliciousness. We are here to present you the new Bella Club model: Mariane Tarrafel. Apart from doing a great job as a model, Mariane is also an actress, and have worked in several projects in the Brazilian television. She has been in the country’s edition of ‘The Bachelor’, even though the guy ditched her after a couple of weeks (dumb!). She currently works as a reporter in a TV program. To see the photos and all of the talent she wishes you to see, click here.

Steffani Prudencio

Cassiane Pires

Blog Oh, the sunny days! We are gathered here today to ask for more sunny days all over the country so we can enjoy views such as the one above more frequently. We would also like to say that the dudes who click here will see amazing pictures of the model Jocasta Doyle, especially taken for Bella Club. Joy guaranteed!

Blog You can't miss that! Now that you've had some time to recover from the pictures of a hurricane called Mariane Tarrafel, get ready! Another resistance test is about to happen. In a few days, the voluptuous lady you see above is returning to Bella Club. There'll be another 10 photos sets, and we promise you'll like them very much indeed!

Blog For more days like this... We are here today with an invitation. Pretty Fernanda Aiello invites you to click here  and see her photos in Bella Club. She is also wishing you have a great day, and an awesome weekend!

Blog Go for hats! Even in times during which hats and caps aren’t part of men’s official dress code anymore, sometimes all guys want is an accessory to make the difference in a special occasion. Some of the more stylish men use hats and caps to define the way they dress.Fashion journalist Mariana Goulart talks about these accessories in this month's Spot. To read the article in full, please click here .

Sommelier The world’s best wine

Exotic Destination Lanzarote: the island of volcanoes Even though all the islands in the Canaries are beautiful, Lanzarote deserves a special highlight due to its volcanic composition. If you love the sea, this is the place for you!

Jet Set Maserati releases its first SUV The Maserati Levante SUV will make its debut at the 2016 Detroit auto show next January. The brand's first SUV has been a long time in the making - the first concepts debuted all the way back in 2003.


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