BellaClub presents   Priscila d'Avila - A blue-eyed goddess Priscila d'Avila - A blue-eyed goddessShe’s a singer and songwriter, a fan of tattoos, takes weightlifting seriously, and has sensuality all over her. Priscila d’Avila, also known as Zoo in the artistic world, is a blue-eyed goddess with a style of her own. The nickname emerged when she was a child, because of her passion for animals. It was also as a kid that the Brazilian babe found her passion for the arts: Zoo sings, dances, and has worked abroad as a model. ‘I’ve worked in the States, and sang in China, where I lived for a while. I’m multipurpose!’ She even has a CD of her own, released in 2015. Besides, the blondie is perfect while photographing – she’s one of those models every photographer loves. Our babe Priscila is a real invitation to heaven, and you’re now able to see some of her talents right now.

 Brenda Gondacki Brenda Gondacki

 Brenda Facchini Brenda Facchini

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It’s about time we returned with the second part of the animal lover’s photo shoot. Please welcome back the amazing Priscila d’Avila on Wednesday, June 28. She’s more amazing than ever!  Blog An extremely talented woman

If you’ve seen the starring of Priscila d’Avila in Bella Club, you already know she carries with her an enormous list of qualities. Besides stunningly pretty and very sexy, the Brazilian babe is talented to the extreme. Since she was little, she dedicates her time and effort to the artistic field: she’s a singer and song writer, and she has turned her body into a real work of art with several interesting tattoos.On Wednesday next week she returns to the website with brand new photos, in the second part of a very hot shooting.  Blog Priscila is pure art!

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