BellaClub presents   Kelly Ferreira - Nothing discreed in brand new photos Kelly Ferreira - Nothing discreed in brand new photosWe spent some time trying to find the perfect expression to define Kelly Ferreira, and the only thing we could think of was: crazy stuff! She’s just turned 21, and is an example of a determined woman, beautiful from head to toe. The new Bella Club model acknowledges she has a few regrets in life, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t invest her precious time and energy in moments that’ll bring some joy and pleasure. She has, for example, had sex in a parking lot, and says that she loves herself care free when no one’s around. By “loving herself” she means… yeah, you got it. Of course we do, Kelly! In order to feel what other sensations this blondie causes within you, access her photo shoot in Bella Club right now.

 Giselle Morockoski Giselle Morockoski

 Beatriz Aguiar Beatriz Aguiar

The return of our eternal muse is scheduled – and you can’t miss this in any way! Vanessa Vailatti, who has already photographed to Bella Club two years ago (and was an absolute success, btw), comes back on Wednesday next week with very (I said very) special photos!Protect your keyboard, your couch, your whole place! We could enact the next 2nd August as the international dear-helping-hand day. Besides, whoever baptized August as the ghost month definitely hasn’t met Vanessa! Blog The year’s most anticipated photos!

Times are hard, we know that, but it would be unfair to deny you access to the most beautiful Brazilian models’ photo shoots due to an unexpected budget shortness. Bearing that in mind, we now offer you the possibility of paying for your annual membership in up to three interest-free installments.In order to join us now, follow the steps below:- access select the annual membership- add your credit card data- select the number of installments (payment in full, 2 interest-free installments or 3 interest-free installments)After that, all you got to do is enjoy Bella Club for a whole year, unrestricted! Blog Pay for your subscription in 3 installments

Imagine being able to effortlessly prepare your own beer, at your own place. Thanks to a Dutch company, now that’s possible. The machine is called MiniBrew, and looks a lot like a coffee maker. Click here to read more about it in this month's Jet Set, and get ready to invite your friends over for the weekend!  Blog Brew your beer at home

Lovely Kelly, who you're about to see in the second part of a steamy photo shoot, is only 21. Another babe who was also 21 years old when she photographed to Bella Club is Dieimi Sherllon, who has put hearts all over the world to test with the 23 sets and 3 videos that are pure bliss. Click here to see Dieimi's photo shoot, and be ready to see pretty Kelly Ferreira again tomorrow.  Blog A 21-year-old doll

These are difficult times for the environment. Notwithstanding, a few years ago a few good ideas were discovered, ideas that move on the opposite path of massification and lack of concern for the conservation of the environment. Exotic Destination Between luxury and the environment

It happened. After the break-up the house by the lake seemed totally different. It was no longer the safe place, nor the result of a project I had created to live the great love. Max around the world Chance

No one, ever, is going to go through life without making mistakes. The secret is knowing how to take advantage and learning from them, instead of complaining and ignoring the real opportunities. Mantips You learn by making mistakes


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