BellaClub presents   Brenda Rodrigues - See what she’s capable of doing to your senses… Brenda Rodrigues - See what she’s capable of doing to your senses…We now present you with a photo shoot that has everything to do with the Brazilian women: filled with femininity, sweetness, and sensuality. Starred by model Brenda Rodrigues and eternalized by photographer Roberto Salgado, these photos were taken in a peaceful cottage, and show everything you would like to see – with class and beauty, a real delight! Access Bella Club right now to see what Brenda is capable of doing with you and your senses…

 Michele Neves Michele Neves

 Hailana Santos Hailana Santos

Jiu-jitsu, judo, taekwondo, free fighting, boxing, MMA… it doesn’t really matter. The fact is that the vast majority of men enjoy watching some kind of martial arts – some even take this more seriously, turning it a hobby or professional sport. Now… when fighting walks hand in hand with a hot chick, everything gets much, much better!That’s what happens with the routine of our pretty Kariny Rodrigues, the model known as the muse of the Brazilian MMA, who’s returning to Bella Club on Wednesday next week, ready to knock you out with the second part of a steamy photo shoot.  Blog Fight!

She ows big boobs, a beautiful behind, delicate feet, and a face that’s a mixture of sweet and spicy. Brazilian Suelen Castro is delicious on every little bit of her body, and you can see how much you miss her by clicking here. Blog Every little bit of her is delicious

As promised a few years ago, Guinness has made changes to its centuries-old recipe to get rid of a fish-derived gelatin used to filter extra yeast from the brew. That means that vegetarians and vegans who prefer not to consume beer processed with fish can order draft Guinness now, and all versions by the end of the year.This month’s Jet Set brings more information about the decision. Click here to read the article in full. Blog Guinness changes its formula for vegans

Just ask someone to pinch you, and you'll realize you're not dreaming. Barbara Fontenelle actually exists - even with this angelical face, as if she landed from heaven. Make yourself comfortable, get a hot cup of coffee, and click here to see how this angel is capable to make you feel as if you were stepping on clouds.  Blog No, this is not a dream...

I’m not sure if that’s the way if happens with men, but women feel offended if something like that happens within their group of friends. If someone is planning something and doesn’t share her thoughts with her peers, people will be mad! What Women Want Girl talk, boy talk

Healthy eating habits, physical activity, and improved lifestyle. This triad is almost a cliché among specialists. Therefore, the obvious matter that needs discussing is: why so many of us can’t loose our extra pounds? Personal Trainer To lose weight, follow these habits

Success basically depends on one thing: effort. It’s useless being part of the world’s best company, and believe that’s enough for your growth. The same happens with money. In order to earn it, you need to get your hands dirty. Mantips Do you want to be rich? Work!


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