Mantips Do you think or are you sure? Everybody thinks they know something about someone. The problem of thinking is that it doesn’t mean we are certain. In this week’s tip, Aleksandar Mandic borrows a sentence in German to distinguish thinking from knowing. Fashion What to wear in holiday parties? Usually those who are most concerned about what they’ll be wearing in parties are women. But when the party is big or important, men also like picking their clothes with more attention. Exotic Destination Easter Island: a mystery in the Pacific This triangular island is a real treat to our eyes – but especially to our deepest senses. It is clearly visible, before landing, that we are arriving in a very special place, an amazing spot for the most adventurous. Mantips Be careful with your money In this week’s text, Aleksandar Mandic suggests that we take extra care before we spend our money. According to him, there is no money that is easily earned. That’s why it’s important to handle it with care. Personal Trainer Go outdoors! We are moved by new adventures, so maybe it’s about time we tried new ways of exercising outdoors. Together, let’s get to know a bit more about three sports that could easily be practiced by using what the nature has to offer. Sommelier A unique wine by the Duero Port wine is one of Europe’s greatest classics. Its history is vast, and fascinating. In fact, this wine and sherry’s (about which we’ve talked about here before) are the only ones that adopt distinct elaboration processes. Mantips Thing big! Our mind is a funny thing, and if you let it, it may create impressions that are not actually real. For some people, a little bit of insecurity is more than enough for transforming certainty into doubt. What Women Want New tools, old concepts What I have noticed is that people love complaining about everything nowadays, probably due to the social media, the easy access to the Internet, and the facility to post anything online so everyone can see. Fashion With what to wear brown jeans? I you are in doubt about which pieces of clothing to wear with the brown pants, we are going to give you some tips so you can easily combine your look. Mantips Don't stand still, move! This week, Aleksandar Mandic says that, better than standing still, is to keep moving no matter what. In order to be successful in the business world, the best to do is to become a weapon instead of remaining a target. Jet Set BMW presents its new motorcycle Glasses instead of a helmet, light clothing, full balance without a stand: just three of a great many aspects which could become standard in motorcycling and give that feeling of freedom a new dimension in an increasingly digitalized world. Exotic Destination The remotest inhabited islands Spread across the seven seas, we have worked on a list of the most reserved islands on the planet. These are the remotest inhabited islands out there, places where your arrival (or departure) demand a more complex planning. Mantips Know how to manage There’s no point in being the boss if you don’t know the best way to delegate tasks to your staff. Aleksandar Mandic’s tip this month is about the art of administrating people. Personal Trainer Cycle! In this text we have listed some of the best benefits riding a bike can offer, and we’re sure you’ll soon be convinced it is worth it leaving the car parked and going to work on your bicycle sometimes (or always). What Women Want Up to what point should we help? When we help just because we feel we have to, not out of solidarity. In a world full of sharing and like-countings, we find ourselves trying to be perfect all the time, trying to being seen as correct, transparent, sincere people. Sommelier A walk through California's vineyards ‘Sideways’ is about the lives of two 40-somethings with contrary personalities who go on a trip to Santa Barbara’s vineyards. The movie presents a great panoramic of the American crops.

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