Mantips Power over money? Smart are those who create the rules, not necessarily who owns the money. What do you think about that? Read in this week’s Mantips what is Aleksandar Mandic’s opinion regarding the business world. Fashion What to wear when... We are many times in doubt about which pieces of clothing are appropriate for some more specific places. Can we wear shorts to informal parties? Can we go to work wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt? What Women Want Life is made of excuses I’ve been in the phase of excuses. My 4-year-old is a very energetic child, and I need to have some excuses at the tip of my tongue when I need to say no to people I’m not very close to. Mantips A discount is not always good Many people think that, for having a friend who owns a business, they have the right to request for ‘small favors’. Some are even offended when the friend charges for the service. Ain’t that how it is in real life? Personal Trainer Keep active during the holidays We know you want to enjoy the holiday parties, and you’re entitled to that. But you also don’t want to throw in the bin all the work you’ve done during the year. In order not to regret later, keep focused, and move! Mantips Get up before the competition The saying ‘the early bird catches the warm’ goes way back, and in the business world it is certainly taken very seriously. Aleksandar Mandic’s tip to all of those who want to overcome the competitors has a lot to do with that. Jet Set Some of the best inventions of 2016 We left aside the electronic devices in order to present you only a few of the many impressive products that have been launched in 2016 - related to sports, construction, and even babies. What Women Want Gift ideas for her We’ll be offering suggestions for Christmas gifts related to making your babe even more attractive. Meaning: make-up, cosmetics in general, hair products and all that stuff. Shall we start? Mantips Do you think or are you sure? Everybody thinks they know something about someone. The problem of thinking is that it doesn’t mean we are certain. In this week’s tip, Aleksandar Mandic borrows a sentence in German to distinguish thinking from knowing. Fashion What to wear in holiday parties? Usually those who are most concerned about what they’ll be wearing in parties are women. But when the party is big or important, men also like picking their clothes with more attention. Exotic Destination Easter Island: a mystery in the Pacific This triangular island is a real treat to our eyes – but especially to our deepest senses. It is clearly visible, before landing, that we are arriving in a very special place, an amazing spot for the most adventurous. Mantips Be careful with your money In this week’s text, Aleksandar Mandic suggests that we take extra care before we spend our money. According to him, there is no money that is easily earned. That’s why it’s important to handle it with care. Personal Trainer Go outdoors! We are moved by new adventures, so maybe it’s about time we tried new ways of exercising outdoors. Together, let’s get to know a bit more about three sports that could easily be practiced by using what the nature has to offer. Sommelier A unique wine by the Duero Port wine is one of Europe’s greatest classics. Its history is vast, and fascinating. In fact, this wine and sherry’s (about which we’ve talked about here before) are the only ones that adopt distinct elaboration processes. Mantips Thing big! Our mind is a funny thing, and if you let it, it may create impressions that are not actually real. For some people, a little bit of insecurity is more than enough for transforming certainty into doubt. What Women Want New tools, old concepts What I have noticed is that people love complaining about everything nowadays, probably due to the social media, the easy access to the Internet, and the facility to post anything online so everyone can see.

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