Walmor de Oliveira

Walmor de Oliveira

Walmor de Oliveira

Since when do you work for BellaClub? I´ve been working for BellaClub for about 8 years now.

. How was your start in BellaClub? At the time I used to photograph for a different website, which acted in the same kind of business. That was when Peccin, BellaClub´s director, invited me to work with him.

. Have you any favorite photo shoots? None specifically, but I like many. My favorite ones are those in which the items model, location, production and lighting are in sync. It is very hard to combine them as we wish. At the same time it is the photographer´s job to make it work and bring up the best results with what is available.

. Tell us something curious about your job for BellaClub. Every photo shoot we do for BellaClub is great fun, especially because we´ve been working with the same people for a long time. We tell jokes, we share stories and stuff... I think it could probably turn into a book some day.

. Which is the hardest thing in this profession? Administrate. Photography is easier and easier as time goes by, what with the advanced technology and all that. The cameras take the pictures practically by themselves and all the equipment is much cheaper nowadays. Now to administrate, to direct all the people involved, to conceptualize and get what you want is much, much harder. Besides, we need to know how to make the models comfortable and confident, so we´re able to extract the best atmosphere, the best look. Otherwise the result is cold and bland and it´s just a soulless, lifeless naked woman.

.  BellaClub is 10 years old this February. Would you like to say anything to its fans, members and team? I would like to say that our visitors can be sure the job done is, of course, pleasurable, but it also involves lots of discipline and dedication. When you look at the pictures I hope you feel the seductive atmosphere we try to include in every job we do for BellaClub. You are also welcome to share opinions and criticize so we can always change for the best.


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