60 lessons we learn in life
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60 lessons we learn in life

Even though we think and behave differently, we are all the same in the human essence. The main point is how to approach the differences fearless. There are no theories for that, it is what you live and how you live it that shows you the path you should follow. A talented piano player was once approached by an admirer, who asked: ´How can you use the notes with such mastery?´ The player answered: ´I use them the same way other people use them. But the pauses... oh, there´s where the art is hidden.´

The writer who now talks to you is about to turn 30 and, looking back, he realizes he has learn lots of interesting stuff along the way. The list of the 60 lessons I have learned during these past 30 years of existence is below. See if you agree with it:

1.    Love your parents. Prove it every day.
2.    For each choice there is a resignation. Keep walking.
3.    Stop complaining about everything. There is always someone in a worse situation than yours.
4.    We should all get drunk at least three times in our lives.
5.    Life isn´t colorful, it´s colorable.
6.    Never lower your head to people, nor raise your nose too high. Keep it eye level and you´ll be fine.
7.    The people who gossip about other people to you certainly talk about you to other people. Watch out!
8.    Do not believe everything people say to you.
9.    Real life is better than virtual life. Up until a few years ago none of us had cell phones. And we survived.
10.    The best speaker is the best listener.
11.    Everybody poops, from the king to the commoner.
12.    Acknowledging your mistakes is the first step towards humility.
13.    Eating unhealthy food makes you happier
14.    Never be silent about your feelings.
15.    Have your good friends around you, but know how to enjoy your moments on your own.
16.    Recognize it: you´re not always right. Prefer happiness instead.
17.    We don´t know how tomorrow´s going to be. Leave a message to your family and friends in a place they´ll always remember you.
18.    A diploma is important, even though it doesn´t guarantee finantial success.
19.    Be crazy sometimes.
20.    You can go to Vegas or to a local pub being the same person. Money doesn´t make you any different than other people.
21.    Resilience is the word. Life´s most important lessons are learned the hard way.
22.    Being authentic is the best way to please people.
23.    Singing while driving is a great medicine.
24.    Avoid booking a 6am flight.
25.    If you don´t cheat, you don´t leave school.
26.    Question everything. Having questions means you are being honest with yourself.
27.    The best things in life are still free.
28.    You are capable of dealing with situations you thought you couldn´t.
29.    Laugh of yourself.
30.    Revenge is never a smart way out.
31.    Most things you see are actually things you think you see.
32.    Compliment people.
33.    There isn´t bad food, what there is is bland food.
34.    Donating is an act of permission and learning.
35.    Say hello to people, no matter their social status.
36.    When you visit someone, leave a gift. If you take a lift, offer some money to pay the toll.
37.    Money doesn´t bring happiness, but provides amazing moments. Sometimes you need to have some if you´re willing to live special occasions. Therefore, work!
38.    Do not judge.
39.    Learn high price and value are two different things. We are all born with empty pockets and clear character. We may as well collect finantial wealth and live some amazing things, but we take nothing from life.
40.    The sea and the sky are capable of calming you at any given moment. Own a refuge.
41.    You may be tough, but have a little tenderness inside you at all times.
42.    Vanity and nascissism are two different things.
43.    The clothes you wear say nothing about you. Never judge a book by its cover.
44.    Einstein was smart rather than intelligent.
45.    Shit happens. Complaining is a verb, figuring things out is art.
46.    Each person has a concept about things. Learn how to respect the different points of view.
47.    Two hours of risk are more worth it than a day dreaming.
48.    Attitudes are better than words.
49.    Time is the same for us all. Knowing how to thank instead of only asking is knowing how to respect time.
50.    Luck only favors the bold.
51.    Everything is impossible until someone goes there and does it.
52.    Poison is only harmful if you swallow it.
53.    Keep the streets clean.
54.    Collect smiles and hugs.
55.    Self love is the biggest of all.
56.    A barking dog seldom bites.
57.    The thing about transforming is that it can be done at any moment in life. There aren´t rules nor limits.
58.    The biggest winners have all lost one day.
59.    Follow your intuition, listen to your heart.
60.    The path is not infinite. It is a blessing being able to walk through it for some time, but one day you´ll reach its end. Bear that in mind, and try to be ready to say good-bye at any moment. Honor your path.

Gustavo Sana

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