Good is having courage
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Good is having courage

The world is filled with false demagogy, and it looks like it has fallen back in the way of thinking. People talk too much, and do nothing. People say lovely things, but when it comes to going for it, they freeze.

Socrates is seen as one of the biggest philosophers  of all times, but has no published work. His goal was to provoke discussion on any subjects, in order to find a clearest, lightest vision of it all. The secret was to mix humbleness and the recognition of knowing nothing about things with the willingness to challenge the world to start thinking deeply about things in general.

In other words, over 2.000 years ago Socrates knew more than many people today, since he did not judge without being sure of what he was doing. He would only discuss and respect other people´s opinion about a certain subject.

What we currently see is a bunch of people worried about other people´s lives, judging every step they take, disagreeing with everything they see. C´mon, free will exists and it´s out there. You are free to judge what you think is best for you. What cannot happen is judging without knowing, and spreading gossip about the others. What´s the use of all that?

It is this judgment precisely that breaks the world, that stops companies from thinking great thoughts, people from having a new haircut, lovers from declaring themselves, life from being lighter [and brighter]...

That is exactly how the daring ones changed things, by being brave and using doses of craziness to challenge their own capabilities and, as a consequence, to conquer admirers in the name of a noble cause.

Allow yourself to do the things you believe in. Get away from negative people, from those who stop you from believing you can, from those who judge you before they know you, from those who think they are the ones who are correct and other opinions don´t matter.

You are the only person who deals with your bills, your soul and your heart. Therefore, you are the one who knows what is best for you. Do what you think is good, as long as it doesn´t hurt others - physically or emotionally. Say goodbye to judgmental people. Think and dare, act on an impulse once in a while. Do your part. You are here to make a difference, so go for it!

Gustavo Sana

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