Live truly!
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Live truly!

Men and women complement each other but will never really understand each other fully. I say that because... well, it is pretty obvious, isn´t it? Men will never understand the pain women feel while giving birth or while under a Brazilian wax procedure, for example; as well as women will certainly never get to know the pain we feel when we get kicked on the balls.

There are lots of differences among us and we could list them here all day! As some say, opposite attract themselves and the moment two people become too similar chances are they´ll repulse themselves (and I guess that is totally normal if we think about the examples I´ve listed above). The thing is to accept and deal the better we can with those differences.

I am here generalizing men and women and you are probably thinking I am a jerk. Of course it isn´t always like that. Every rule has its exception and I am not here to discuss that, but to try and simplify what many of us see as something hard to get through on a daily basis.

We cannot live without the girls, right? I think we all agree when it comes to that. It is part of human nature. We want someone beside us, especially when winter comes, we are after some comfort, some of us are after our soulmates. If you do not think like that today, wait and see when you get older and chicks don´t pay all that attention to you any longer, when it gets harder to take those hot babes into bed and when money stops buying all that youthful joy.

One of the things I have learned with the interpersonal relationships was the word ´moment´. Maybe some things that to which you are attracted today, may become repulsive tomorrow. In a moment of your life you might as well be looking for beauty, sex and pleasure; whereas in other moments what you would like the most is someone who´ll listen. Getting laid is quite easy, but being in a successful relationship takes much more effort from ourselves. It is all part of our maturing, the way we live our lives, the falls we have along the way. We become more demanding each day and we learn from our relationships.

I have also learned that, in order to have love, some items are compulsory:

1) Admiration: this is extreme love. We should see our partner as an idol, a daily intake of true feeling to whom you love.

2) Chemestry: sex + chemestry is the best thing we could possibly ask for! There is no true relationship without this winner combination.

3) Trust: some people say if we love someone we should set them free. That way we will be sure the person actually loves us every time she/he comes back to us. Fidelity and loyalty are two things that walk hand-in-hand.

4) Tolerance: we gotta comprehend. Know how to adapt and give in while in a relationship. Loving someone also means getting along with their flaws.

5) Sincerity: of course we can omit some silly stuff, but lying all the time weakens the relationship. It is a hole which gets deeper and deeper each time we choose to lie instead of saying the truth. If you need to lie all the time, what´s the point? Just end it up and be free to do whatever you´d like!

6) Respect: your relationship with your friends is completely different of the relationship you have with a chick. When you date, marry or decide sticking to someone for a longer period, a different kind of intimacy is needed. In such cases, respecting the differences is a basic adjective.

7) Annexation: as I mentioned before, a relationship should be made of exchanges. One should get a little bit of the other and knowing how comprehend and deal with these important details make a big difference on the long run.

8) Surprises: surprising people you love is essential. Every day is an opportunity to make it different. A simple detail may change the way you see your partner. A card, some flowers, a special dinner or taking a shower together are only a few of all the things you might come up with in order to impress her when you feel like it.

Based on all that I would say that if you are in a relationship which does not have at least half of those items, you-are-screwed! Try to fix it, have a chat, see what´s missing and make it right. There is no point in keep going forward if things aren´t the way they were supposed to be. Both of you gotta be happy while with each other.

Live every day as if it were the last one. Pick the best option for you. If you´re single, party hard, make new friends, travel when you have some free time and extra money. If you´re with someone, enjoy it! Be with the person because you want to, because you feel happy, because you make her happy. Live this love with all your strength.

Half living or half loving is never enough. Do it fully!

Gustavo Sana

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