Luck is all around you
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Luck is all around you

Today’s color is navy blue, your year is going to be amazing if you jump a few waves on the New Year, you’ll be lucky in love if you wear red, you’re getting a new job proposition in the near future and your number this week is 4.736! Reading horoscopes and making predictions is pretty easy, but if all of that were true everybody would be rich, in love with the perfect pair and healthy until the last breath.

I am not saying some beliefs and / or religions are nonsense. I respect all and each person has the right to believe in anything (s)he wants to. I believe a lot in stars and their influence in our lives, but when it comes to predicting the future I would say anyone could try and see whatever is coming your way – good or bad. It is all about thinking for or against what the Universe is about to bring.

The theory of secrecy is not exact, but it has the same motivational weight. Not one person in the whole world is after an earthquake or would like being run over by a car, for example. Not everything you think about happens the way you would like it to happen. That would be too easy! If that was the case, we would probably have no wars and our parents would never die. We all know the world seems pretty unjust if you think about the poor, the bad and the ugly, but thinking this is all a matter of destiny is kind of naïve.

The essence of what some people call the secret of life is indeed to keep your head up and your hopes high. But that doesn’t mean you’ll think about something and it’ll just happen. You have to fight for it, you gotta do something in order to reach your goals. Luck, as the saying goes, only favors the bold!

You gotta be asking why have I started with horoscopes and stuff. Well, I’ve started with that because human beings tend to absorb only things they believe they deserve. But the credit is assigned only to people who, from a moral sense, did something worthy of recognition. Therefore, just believing that you deserve something is not worth it. Along with that you have to do what it takes to deserve it.

It is rare for anyone to predict a tragedy. The idea of any provision in this context is to give you a way forward, a sort of psychological  push which shape your day. But what happens you some criticizes you, do you see it the same way?

Buying a handful of pepper or using a Greek eye amulet on the neck and is just believing that evil is surrounding you. Again, I’ve nothing against it but it is not a sympathy or a sprig of rue that will bring love and prosperity. This will happen if you work for it, wether you have that horseshoe on your door or not.

Dealing with promises and dreams is quite easy, once you know how to differ dreams, follies and desires from reality. That is the crucial point to make a difference. Of course things aren’t going to happen overnight. Many of them might not turn to happen at all! Now giving up on your goals just because they are difficult to reach is just silly. The world offers you so many possibilities and alternatives to remodel your dreams and adapt them according to your reality... Make use of them!

Why do you think children are extremelly happy when they’re playing? Because for them, anything is possible. The word ‘limit’ does not exist. Their sun can be colored blue if they’d like and their pet can speak to them and they have imaginary friends. They are not afraid of being judged. So try and follow their example. Do not believe everything people say to and about you. You are the one and only person responsible for your future and your happiness. Put yourself on top, do not let anyone say it is not possible.

You are certainly going to make mistakes – and hopefully you’ll learn from them. Little by little you are going to expand your limits. Just give it a try!

Do it all with love and be the best in what you do, search for a step forward on your goals each day, be faithful to your values and beliefs for the simple fact of being here this very moment gives you the possibility of doing anything you’d like. Keep your head up and your eyes bright, want strongly and you’ll soon be able to see the future you’d always wanted.

Are you concerned about tomorrow’s luck? Luck and horoscopes are your responsibilities.

Gustavo Sana

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