Permission to evolve
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Permission to evolve

Fifty years ago we had nothing of that in mind, and the man was still the same human being as nowadays. Less up-to-date and connected, of course, but probably much more polite, palpable, in a world in the past where the one-on-one relationships were more intense and less vulnerable. 

In my almost 30 years I have gone through many things in life from which I can personally conclude the following:

1) Faith doesn´t move mountains. Earthquakes do.
2) Hope is a useful word only for those who keep waiting for something to happen.
3) Dreaming too much may leave us frustrated. Reality is different from reverie.

No. I don´t want to seem prepotent nor pessimistic here. I am just a practical guy, living with my eyes wide open. I do have faith in the interior of each person. I´ve had hope and I have dreamt and prayed for better days. And that hope should always be cultivated in order to keep positive vibes present within your mind. The universe can conspire for you, as long as you do what you need to deserve it.
Luck favors the bold! If you wait too long, you´ll be forever hoping, and leaving all responsibility to faith. Well, that is not fair, is it?! What I suggest, then, is that each of us antecipate our dreams, and keep moving forward walking firmly torwards a goal, acting more instead of standing still.

Spirituality has taught me a word I now think of every single day of my life: permission. Allow yourself. Get to know the world before taking any conclusions. Having permission is opening up to the unknown without being judgemental. Allowing is releasing an infinite number of new paths and possibilities. It is knowing how to enjoy the time we have instead of wasting it. It is knowing how to live each day as if it were the last one, wearing that new shirt today instead of keeping it to a special occasion, praying for better days, but walking towards evolution. Doing something.

My proposal in this life is to live sorely, for everything is a matter of how much importance and relevance we put into the facts that happen to us. Necessity changes everything, it changes the way you see things. Try spending three days without any food. The importance you give to food will be completely different after that experience. Knowing how to care about things and people is something which may transform the way you see life. Fifty bucks may as well feed a whole family, but will definitely not buy the pair of boots you´re willing to buy since last week.

Many of you will tell me there´s nothing to do with it – and maybe there isn´t. In this world, we are born alone and we die alone. On the other hand, we leave a legacy, a past, a message to those who remain. I don´t want to be an anarchist nor arrogant, since we all make mistakes and you know how you feel about things better than anyone else in this world. I am just trying to raise your thoughts in order for you to make things happen today – in your own way, your own ideas and beliefs, but always for the greater good, and for you to leave behind a legacy which matters.

I rest my case here. How about being different? Start with being grateful for having the life you have, and for the freedom on being able to choose which of the many possible paths you want to follow. Being different isn´t only about being over or below the average, it is simply living freely from such a regimented world. Keep walking!

Gustavo Sana

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