Sex, love and respect
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Sex, love and respect

I have always heard that gentleman attitudes are far from this world. I hear people saying that this gentleness concept which makes men open the car door to the lady, for example, has become rare nowadays. But how about the lady? The word itself reminds me of a woman from the 20s, submiss, who should always look elegant and pretty, who should be polite and ready for the man. We also do not see that any more these days.

This difference, this culture that the man gives and the woman receives comes from long ago. But hold on! So does this mean the man has to do it all and the woman should just be there for him? Unfortunately this concept  - which is old and bygone - is still used as example by some people.

Women are always saying they want a man who make them laugh, who is always there for them and who is capable of understanding their toughest moments. I gotta say, ladies, this kind of man you will find in one place and one place only – the circus! He is either a clown or a magician. Meanwhile, men are after a woman without a past, who is hot, independent and into soccer. Well now folks, I won´t lie to you either. You´ll probably find the perfect woman in your old comic book and sometimes on television – she is called Wonder Woman!

Neither of us is perfect and we gotta accept that not only regarding ourselves, but the others. That is exactly why one completes each other in a relationship, it is all about exchange. Of course there are some times in which men will never get what their partner is going through and vice-versa. Think about getting kicked on the balls. Chicks will never get it! Now think about PMS and, well, the one who is never going to understand it is you, pal.

Okay, we are never going to be perfect for each other. We can try and change a few things, though. Let me give you a practical example: men get crazy when they see a hot chick walking about in a tiny little dress. Did you hear what I just said? They get crazy, not in love! (okay, that was a practical example for the ladies out there).

Crazy because all we see is the way they look. In that classic instant, testosterone gets on the way. It isn´t an excuse, believe me. It is part of the male instinct. So do not worry too much if you catch us staring, it is just for a few seconds and it does not mean we want to break up with you and go live with her instead. Ladies, of course men would like to go to bed with some of these chicks. But we would only date WOMEN, with capital letters.

So we could say there are two kinds of chicks and two kinds of lads. Let´s talk about the ladies first. There is the one who doesn´t deserve respect. This one thinks being pretty is all it takes. She is the kind who needs to be with someone all the time, otherwise she feels lonely and becomes boring and irritating. She says she´s free but she is actually cuffed to her own physical features. She thinks hairstylists are her life. I don´t want to seem hypocritical here, but beauty without intelligence is the same as an empty package and it won´t last long.

Then there is the dame, the lady, the WOMAN in capital letters - already mentioned before. This one can surely opt for breast implants, but she doesn´t feel the need of exhibiting her body with the help of an enormous cleavage because she knows of her potential. This lady understands that charm and naturality are worth more than any expensive pair of shoes; she has attitute, she knows what she wants, she recognizes her weaknesses, she is culturally rich, she knows small acts are worth more than expensive gifts. These chicks are willing to travel anywhere with their partners, like a good pub, enjoy being with her partner´s friends. True men like this type of girl.

But how about men? ´Oh, men are all the same, all they think about it sex!´ Wrong! We do think about sex, of course, but it´s not only that. Testosterone is to blame and the men who are reading this now know what I am talking about. This damn (or awesome) hormone has given us some akward moments, I can assure you. But we can indeed think with our top head. There are nice guys out there, chicks just need to know where to look for them. So just as it happens to women, there are two kinds of men out there: the Jerk and the Guy!

The Jerk thinks all his money will compensate his lack of brain. He is ignorant, he doesn´t like people like waiters, cleaners or doormen because he thinks he is better than them somehow. He does everything he can to bring a girl home and then says she is a tramp, he still hasn´t learned the difference between quantity and quality.

And then there is the Guy. The one who knows his attitute is worth more than his looks, who recognizes his flaws and tries to fix them, who makes the better use of the words he says, who treats people nicely, who is emmotionally independent, who likes children and respects families.

Long story short, we are all after a person who loves and respects us the way we are. If this someone is also hot and wild... man, you´re done!

Gustavo Sana

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