Since the world is still alive...
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Since the world is still alive...

People are saying this is a new phase, that a new ideal was born. I don´t believe that. Each day is a chance to start over and realize we do not have to wait for the end of the world, the year or the month in order to start something new. We don´t know how tomorrow´s going to be. We don´t even know if there is a tomorrow. Each day is a restart, a new life, a last life or the first day of facing a new challenge. The bright side of transformation is that it can happen anytime, anywhere. There are no rules nor limits.

I really like the Arabic word shakur, which represents the act of being grateful for everything in life, of being someone who is here to make a difference. And I say that because we have been living in a world which is connected, but that at the same time is filled with people who only think about money and their own lives. We have been deceloping finantially, but society gets intellectually poorer and poorer each day.

I like the month of December. People tend to help others and wish them well. Unfortunately a good amount of these people forget the kindness once Christmas is over. We get used to things and see some acts as normal acts. Acceptable acts. It is nonsense acting all kind one month and forgetting all about it the next. Don´t you think?

I have gone through an interesting experience this Xmas. Something I didn´t see coming. I realized many orphans or abandoned children had never seen Santa in their lives. Most of them didn´t even know what he represents. It was totally new to them. Having been able to dress up and do this for them was magical.

On the other hand it pisses me off the media keep using two terms: sustainability and social conscience. F*ck me! Some people barely say good-morning to their secretaries! Others throw garbage all over the city and think no one cares. Social conscience is the marketing of new millenium. It means nothing if we don´t put it into action. You are either conscientious and act accordinly, or you have no rights to pretend you think about others or the nature.

Let me exemplify with a friend´s idea. I believe his concept is simple and effective. Have you ever thought about dedicating 1% of your day for little acts of kindness? It seems too little, but 1% represents less than 15 minutes of your day, it is the same of three days of the whole year!

I am sure many are already starting to say they don´t have enough time. Sorry, but if you really want something, there is always time. It is the same for everyone. You day is 24 hours long, and so is mine. What we´re missing here is focus. Fifteen minutes dedicated to someone who is in need is nothing and causes a lot.

Try spending three days without eating. The price of a sandwich means nothing when it comes to that, right? With that being said, it is all a matter of the importance we give to certain facts. And that interferes in people´s lives. Think about it.

Of course we are not able to change the world on a whim, but let me ask you something: imagine you have a bowl of water and you add a drop of red ink to it. It is just a drop, it seems too small if compared to all the water in there. Still it makes a difference. Meaning no matter what you do, it spreads!

You gesture is seen and shared by many. That is giving, you can apply it anywhere. At work, with family, with someone you do not know. Donating is not about boasting yourself to the world nor about spending money. Donating is doing something kind for others.

The people who mark our lives aren´t the richer, the most famous or the most beautiful ones. They are the ones who worry about us, who look after us when we need them. They are those who are besides us somehow, and that make a difference with a simple gesture.

Many might be reading this and thinking I am being offensive or judgemental, but I´m not. I hope you are interpreting this correctly. If you are, I offer you an inspiring quote: ´We are crazy people. With a bit of reason, though. We are crazy people with a foot firm on the grounf and the other high in the sky. Sometimes we walk, sometimes we float. We are people who see beyond common sense. We are people who are willing to fly to reach further.´

Gustavo Sana

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