Up to the most
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Up to the most

When we are young, we think about becoming many different things. And then comes life, its routine and obligations, and some of these dreams tend to get lost along the way. We grow up, and we keep trying to fit in in a judgemental society, which insists in labeling what’s right and wrong. What I ask is: is this really the way?

Truth is, there is no right or wrong in this world. What exists is our own judgement, and the judgement from others – that in many cases we are conditioned to accept.

We are the result arising from our choices, and what stops us from doing some daring stuff is the fear we feel, the routine we built for ourselves, and the thought others might have about us and our actions. Then I ask: who cares? Up to what point do my acts matter to others?

We all own a mask which hides our pain and beliefs. Only those who live up to the most, only those who are aware of their own realities, only those who face their fears and go after their goals, are the ones who really know about their own lives, are the ones who can talk and analyze if what they have been doing is right or wrong. The judgement of others is never fair, and should always be avoided.

In every moment you can play and laugh of yourself and of your mistakes, as long as you are aware of your own capabilities and thoughts, as long as you learn to accept and deal with your own limitations. No matter if we are talking about music, sports, clothing, work, sex or religion, I believe we are all allowed to laugh about ourselves, and to pick what brings joy to our lives, no matter what any other person in this huge world might think. In the end of the day, you pay your own bills and you are the one who needs to deal with the consequences of your choices.

Social media, for example, is a judgemental source composed by people who care a lot about the number of followers, likes or sharings. The use of hashtags constantly waiting for new comments has now become addictive. It’s good for the ego, of course. But it has to be healthy. We gotta know how to use technology in our favor instead of becoming its hostages. Life is much more than that! Life is getting to know ourselves and respecting our beliefs before trying to talk about the others. Those who are free from this are free from handcuffs some people try to impose, they lack prejudice, they respect other people’s opinions and lifestyles.

Living up to the most is living deeply. And living deeply is being a conscientious crazy person, is knowing how to laugh about ourselves, is being aware of how to act before an uncomfortable situation, is being humble in order to recognize our weaknesses, and learning from our mistakes, and extracting strength from it to discover new paths and possibilities. Living up to the most is leaving tracks so other people can follow, is making the difference, daring, learning and not believing in the impossible.

Gustavo Sana

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