Want nothing warm
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Want nothing warm

Have you ever felt attracted for someone warm? I doubt it! Warm people suck. People who are never hot, nor cold, who are always in room temperature. I mean, c´mon! Go for it or give up, do not just stand there in the middle of the way. That is valid to everything... work, love, war, life... Whenever you are, please have a posture, an opinion, a personality of your own, conviction in yourself.

All the attitudes you have got surface sooner or later. So, please, stop ommitting. If someone asks you something, learn how to say yes or no, and deal with it. It is simple! You can, of course, conquer a few enemies, but you´ll see you are a strong enough person to stand up to your beliefs and opinions.

If you tell me you have seen someone satisfied with the life they´ve got, please do the honors. The ones who are too satisfied with what they´ve got are dead and unaware about it. These people have either reached their limits, or are okay with the little they have got.

A few days ago I heard the expression: ´A person, to be happy, cannot feel happy´. That is nothing but the truth. I believe we need to feel a bit empty sometimes in order to reach our goals, to be willing to change. I am not talking about material goods here, see. I am talking about willing to go deeper in things, to be more mature, to learn from your experiences, from your challenges and your routine. If not that, where is the fun on living a regular life?

Will there be doubts along this path? Of course there will, but doubt is nothing but a good reason to adopting a new behavior, nothing but the freedom to choose the way you´re going, nothing but the option of following a path you believe it´ll lead you to the right spot. That is called free will.

Having doubts is pretty normal, as it is being fearful. But the only people who have doubts, and the only people who face fear, are the ones who risk. And risking is admirable. That who is satisfied with all things, or who never decides where to go, should definitely risk it – and learn from the experience.

By doing so, you can be loved or hated. At least you´ll be recognized for it. So waste no more time filling your life with uncertainties, afraid of what might happen. Just be in control, prefer being hot or be cold  (the intention was NOT reminding you of Katy Perry´s song, but anyway) rather than just warm.

You can either burn or freeze, but at least you are open to your feelings and allows experimenting the extremes. After all, big things do not happen to warm people.

Gustavo Sana

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