What if she were with another woman? An experienced man, married for 10 years, a father of two boys, arrives in my clinic after feeling his wife cold and distant, with the bombastic news: she was having an affair. Not with another man, but with a woman. Why do women cheat? We’re going to make an unpretentious mathematical account that can reveal you an unpleasant surprise. If you’ve been in three or more serious relationships, chances are you have been cheated on in some occasion. Never do this while flirting Many men don’t actually know what’s the best way to approach a woman they’re interested in, no matter if they’re in a pub or a party, especially the ones who are shy and insecure. What should you do if you’re one of them? Erogenous zones to pay more attention to Before all curves of the female body, to be limited to stimulate breasts, vagina and bum is a waste of time. Of course, those are the most pleasurable regions. There are, therefore, other spots where the simplest touch is enough to let them wanting for mo The ménage à trois fantasy You can’t simply convince someone to like the ménage-à-trois-fetish by coming up with the brilliant idea of a threesome – especially NOT during the act. The thing is: it’s not the lack of willing or curiosity that make women say no to that. How to become her life’s best sex We gathered 20 scientific tricks for you to become her best man in bed. After that, we can assure you that she won’t take long before going to her friends to talk about you and your magic hands, tongue, mouth… My girlfriend refuses an anal You dream about having anal sex with your chick, you feel excited about it, but she does nothing but deny it and makes it worse when she tells you she is never going to do it. What should you do in such situation? Tips: what to do with clothes during sex For sure clothing can play an important part when it comes to spicing things up in bed. All we gotta do is learn how to use the moment to make it even more exciting – and I must say that isn´t something hard to do at all! Amazing tips to make a woman reach orgasm Here are a few simple tips which may give you a hand when it comes to keeping calm and acting naturally in order to take your chick to cloud nine a few times before penetration itself. Loving is flirting with death Last Friday night I was talking with a friend about that, a friend who has always told me she was looking for a nice guy, someone to become the love of her life. The guy actually showed up – what now? Malaxophobia While surfing the net I came across the term malaxophobia. I have found out that malaxophobia is the fear of love or, more specifically, the extreme dread of love play and seduction. The ones who suffer from this tend to opt for direct sincerity. Top-rated women Hello, readers! It is with much pleasure that today myself (Victor Lee) and my friend Eduardo Santorini start a new article here on Bella Club which will talk about specific male subjects, more specifically those related to dating and seduction. The commandments of the male conquest I need her; As she needs me. I am an interesting man, Therefore I trust myself. I realize when a woman is interested. I also know when I am interested in her. I deserve the woman I want; I show her I want her. Respect the female power When people say that men tend to avoid needy women, they might be right – but what we need to be able to see is that many men are also all needy in their relationships and most women don´t like it either. I have broken up. What now? Valentine´s Day is celebrated this weekend in Brazil (June 12th) and despite all the omance in the air (for some), many are actually thinking about breaking up and starting a new phase in life. Failing during sex Insecurity is the main reason for a man not finishing the job while having sex. What we should take into consideration, though, is the possibility of stressful situations, lack of interest in the woman he´s with.

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