Erogenous zones to pay more attention to
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Erogenous zones to pay more attention to

Before all curves and indents of the female body, to be limited to stimulate breasts, vagina, mouth and bum is a waste of time. Of course, those are the regions where they feel more pleasure. There are, therefore, other spots where the simplest touch is enough to let them wanting for more.

The soft skin that men love so much on women is not only lovely to touch, but also highly sensible to stimuli. If you would like to see your girl feeling naughty, try to cover her entire body with kisses.

Certain parts have the power to make her feel goose bumps right away – and that is why these spots deserve special attention. See below how to explore some regions of the female body that should never be left behind:


1 – Ears
Few people can resist to smacks behind the ears. It is the kind of affection which leaves the hairs on the back of the neck totally bristling. To make things hotter, it is worth spending some extra time there.

Little bites on the ear lobe, the brushing of lips on the around the ear, superficial licking over the ear canal are gestures that make a woman melt. It gets better if you whisper some affectionate compliments to her.

After that, start going down a little, towards the neck, to tease her some more.


2 – Belly
Before you put your hands down there, dedicate some time to the region between her navel and pubis. Just brush the palm of your hand at the spot, just enough to warm her skin. You can do that on top of her clothes, even.

It is such a subtle gesture, that you can make it in public environments, such as pubs and restaurants, without being obscene. On the other hand, it is enough to leave both of you horny, and cause butterflies in the stomach.


3 – Buttocks
During more intimate moments, place your partner naked in bed, with her bum up, and give her a massage around her buttocks. Using a body oil during this process will help to increase the heat.

She can feel a nice tidbit when you bite it lightly. After massaging her a lot around the hips and at the base of the coccyx, you can start stimulating her for anal penetration, circulating the region with your fingers or even your tongue.


4 – Internal part of the thighs
Fondling her thighs is nice no matter if she is standing, sitting or lying down. These are perfect for making traffic greater while she is driving or wearing a skirt beside you, at the passenger’s seat.

Just by pressing the tips of your fingers and running them through the internal part of her thighs causes delicious sensations. If you lightly scratch her skin, we bet she is going to give you a malicious smile.

When you can, get on your knees in front of her and distribute some kisses in the area. It will certainly cause her chills!


5 – Feet
Foot lovers know quite well how stimulating the feet can excite a girl. And not only by massaging the Do-in spot, which activates the sexual organs (right in the middle of the foot, where the skin is softer).

Some fondling and warm blows between the toes and around the ankles are enough to wring out some moaning. If her feet are clean, it is worth trying to lick it, kiss it or scrub it to your face – actions that will leave her even wetter from pleasure.


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