How to become her life’s best sex
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How to become her life’s best sex

Women love talking to their friends about their romantic affairs. This means good news or very bad news for you, depending on your performance below the sheets. If you ruin it, only a miracle will make her give you second chance. And chances are: her friends will hear about your poor performance, and it’ll be tough to go out with any of them.

On the other hand, a good performance guarantees that your name is whispered from ear to ear, possibly followed by a sigh. Not bad, huh? In order to help you become part of the successful group, we have gathered 20 scientific tricks for you to become her best man in bed. After that, we can assure you that she won’t take long before going to her friends to talk about you and your magic hands, tongue, mouth… She also won’t take long before going back to bed – with you.


#1 Create a special atmosphere
A study from the University of Montreal revealed that 86.4% of women find it important to have a special atmosphere while having sex. So remember to choose your playlist wisely, light up some candles, and organize your bedroom before she gets there.

#2 Be funny
Funny men are more pleasurable to women, according to a research by Albany University. Just watch out so you won’t be playing the clown – otherwise she might think she’s in the company of a silly teenager.

#3 Keep going
The Journal of Sex Research has published a study saying that, even after the first orgasm, women want to keep playing. Keep up the good work after her first climax. Chances are she’ll come again, and again, and again.

#4 Keep her feet warm
Dutch researchers found out that the chances for a woman to reach climax is 30% bigger if her feet are warm. Would you like to know a sexy way to do it? Start with a nice massage…

#5 Drink pomegranate juice
Pomegranate increases our testosterone levels in up to 30%, working as a kind of natural Viagra, according to a study from Queen Margaret University.

#6 Focus on her clit, not on her G spot
According to an Italian research, there is no G spot. All of women’s orgasms come from their clitoris. Now you know where to focus your efforts.

#7 Seriously, focus on the clit
A survey called ‘The female orgasm by the number’ shows that 75% of women can only reach the climax when their clitoris is stimulated. Really, a gold mine.

#8 Compliment her
Negative thoughts can prevent a woman from reaching orgasm, as per a Portuguese research. Among the most common thoughts are worrying with the sexual performance, and the body shape. Make her comfortable with positive comments and compliments.

#9 Kiss her willingly
Stress interferes in reaching orgasm. Now here’s the good news: kissing decreases the stress level in people, according to a Lafayette College research. Use your tongue wisely.

#10 Wear a condom
Are you worried a condom might stop her from coming? Be cool. An Indiana University study has proved condoms have nothing to do with that. The best sex is safe sex. Always.

#11 Masturbate her
The easiest way for a woman to orgasm is through masturbation – that’s what American biologist Alfred Kinsey discovered back in the 1940s. Put your hands to work!

#12 Hang in there from 10-20 minutes
Still according to Kinsey, women take from 10 to 20 minutes to come with penetration. Men can do that in 2. So hold your instinct, please! Ladies first.

#13 Look after yourself
A study investigated the main motivations for women when it comes to casual sex. Guess which is the top 1: the way you look. Pay attention to your body and health, go to the gym, go for a jog, dress up nicely, keep your grooming up to date.

#14 Don’t drink too much
In accordance to Brown University, ingesting too much alcohol can make things down there more difficult. Don’t run the risk of trying and failing. Slow down on the booze.

#15 Don’t let her drink too much, either
Apparently, 11% of people who drink have troubles reaching climax. You wouldn’t like her to be a part of that, would you?

#16 A glass of red wine helps, though
Exaggerating on the booze is a big no-no. On the other hand, serving a glass of red wine helps, since it increases her libido – as per information gathered from Florence University.

#17 Take your time on foreplay
An article published in The Journal of Sex Research proved that foreplay helps women (and men) having stronger orgasms. This means there’s no rushing.

#18 Go for the classic positions
The Lifestyles brand did a survey to find out which are the favorite sex positions for women. The most voted were: the missionary (36%), doggy style (30%), and cowgirl (21%). There’s no mistakes when you go for the classics!

#19 Pay attention to her breasts
One of the best ways to turn her on is stimulating her breasts, since they activate the same part of the brain as the clitoris, according to a study from Rutgers University.

#20 Don’t be afraid to change
In 2010, over 5.800 Americans took part in a national survey about sex habits. One of the survey’s discoveries was that women have more chance in reaching the climax if the sex includes varied sexual acts: penetration, masturbation and oral sex combined.




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