Never do this while flirting
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Never do this while flirting

Many men don’t actually know what’s the best way to approach a woman they’re interested in, no matter if they’re in a pub or a party, especially the ones who are shy and insecure. What should you do if you’re one of them? If you start avoiding one of the 5 profiles described below, hated by most women, you’re already one step ahead.

Profile #1: The guy with the cliché pick-up line
The man goes to the woman and says: “I’d better get a library card, because I’m checking you out.” Or maybe: “I hope you know CPR, because you take my breath away.” Bam, he’s rapidly kill all the chances of having her. Clichés don’t work because they’re exactly that: clichés. You know it’s something men say to women all the time – and these men will probably keep saying it for other women until they get what they want (which will be hard!).

Profile #2: The guy who’s insecure
He’s there, staring the girl, unblinking. When she looks back, he avoids her eyes out of fear. Well, it’s difficult for anything to happen when that’s what’s going on, right? Instead, try to act naturally, and start a conversation without much planning or expectations. If you’re paying attention to her, you’ll certainly see something interesting that could serve as the start of a chat. If she exchanges looks and smiles or touches her hair, do not hesitate.

Profile #3: The guy who compliments too much
“God, you’re pretty”, says the man. “Seriously, like, you’re awesome!” If you’re going to pay her a compliment, try to say something that you really liked about her. Don’t be a cliché. Besides not sounding sincere, she’s probably tired to listening to the same things over and over again. By acting naturally, lightly and spontaneously, you let the conversation flow, and your changes of getting something out of that are much higher.

Profile #4: The guy who criticizes others
When not having a subject to talk about, he turns to the girl and says: “Dude, look at that weird chick over there.” And laughs on his own. This is proof that you’re insecure and searches for flaws in others to feel better. The best way is to find a way to make jokes about yourself, not the others. If you see someone dancing in a funny way, for example, you can tell her that the person has stolen your steps. Self-irony is a sign of trust.

Profile #5: The guy with the sex comment
There’s no need to mention the aggressive type, the worst of all. Like that guy who makes a sexual comment while harassing the woman: “Do you have a mirror in your pocket? Because I can see myself in your pants.” This kind of attitude is abusive, some times more than others. Respect comes above all else. Never forget that!


Translated from: El Hombre.


El Hombre

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