Madeira, in the immensity of the Atlantic This Portuguese archipelago offers a structure perfectly conditioned to travelers of all kinds: from the ones who prefer to stay away from all the noise, to those who are willing to give up all luxuries and amenities. The world’s smallest countries There are 196 countries in the world. Only 24 of them has land area less than 1000 square kilometers. Some of these small countries are smaller than cities like New York, Tokyo, Chicago and Atlanta. Between luxury and the environment These are difficult times for the environment. Notwithstanding, a few years ago a few good ideas were discovered, ideas that move on the opposite path of massification and lack of concern for the conservation of the environment. Nocturnal light baths In the South of Brazil, it is possible to observe bioluminescence, one of nature’s most spectacular views. For those who are lucky to travel the world, there are still many other options from where it is possible to observe the singular phenomenon. Lapland: straight to the Aurora Borealis The last years have been wonderful to see the Aurora Borealis. The solar activity is in its peak, and generates geomagnetic reactions that form the beautiful view. It’s possible to see Aurora Borealis in Finland’s Northwest region. Easter Island: a mystery in the Pacific This triangular island is a real treat to our eyes – but especially to our deepest senses. It is clearly visible, before landing, that we are arriving in a very special place, an amazing spot for the most adventurous. The remotest inhabited islands Spread across the seven seas, we have worked on a list of the most reserved islands on the planet. These are the remotest inhabited islands out there, places where your arrival (or departure) demand a more complex planning. At the end of the world, Mongolia Situated between the gigantic Russia and China, this vast land reserves intact its millennial air and traditions. Ulan Bator is its capital city, where there are approximately a third of its population. The divers’ hidden treasure The city of Utila, in Honduras, is a hidden treasure, known only to a few divers, since it is possible to practice the sport in unimaginable conditions, without the necessity of spending too much money. Iran: a trip to the Persian gem A destination filled with surprises and beauties: mosques, gardens, mountains, and deserts. This corner of the world that, since 1935, has been known as Persia, offers a unique chance to dive into the past, into the dawn of knowledge. The world’s most amazing waterfalls It is within nature that emotions flow, imagination flies, and reflection returns to us some o four humble essence of being simply humans. This article brings an amazing selection of places where the water is the main star. A distinct Buenos Aires As a touristic metropolis, Buenos Aires is famous for its mystic places, well-known by any touristic guides. Our proposal here, on the contrary, is to take you to other places – not that famous, therefore unmissable. Exotic destinations for the single ithout forgetting places such as Cancun, Helsinki, Saint-Tropez, and Ibiza, we are here to present three exotic destinations that are certainly unforgettable for those who have the opportunity to visit them. Tunisia: a Mediterranean inspiration Even though nearly half of its territory is formed by deserts, Tunisia houses idyllic locations. Crib of the mythical Carthage, this region is one of the most beautiful in Magreb. Lanzarote: the island of volcanoes Even though all the islands in the Canaries are beautiful, Lanzarote deserves a special highlight due to its volcanic composition. If you love the sea, this is the place for you! Belize: a magical place in the Caribbean If there's anything I can say about Belize's that it's one of those strange places we feel obliged to visit at least once in a lifetime in order to feel the energy of a calm life, a friendly population, and a wild nature.

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