Between luxury and the environment
credits: Garonga Safari Camp

Between luxury and the environment

These are difficult times for the environment (since last century, actually). It’s ever more complicated to find beautiful places away from the disastrous action of men. Notwithstanding, a few years ago a few good ideas were discovered, ideas that move on the opposite path of massification and lack of concern for the conservation of the environment.

It is the case of the sustainable hotels, that try to use resources that allow the efficient use of renewable energy, tenable architecture, and cooperation with local populations.

We can still find them in several parts of the world. Luckily, they are a current trend, but in this occasion we’re exclusively focused on their location and facilities to choose the most beautiful and spectacular ecofriendly hotels in the world.


In Africa, it’s possible to find several sustainable establishments, therefore among all of them, we need to talk about the Garonga Safari Camp, in South Africa. Well-known because of its several prizes, it continually tries to reach a sustainable development and the respect for the environment, in a place that deserves special attention. Solar plaques, natural gas system, water treatment and its own greenhouses are some of the characteristics adopted by the hotel, which has well-lit bedrooms, massage rooms and an observation terrace where it is possible to sleep directly under the stars – not to mention all of the safari routes they offer to tourists for the contemplation of the five giants (elephant, buffalo, leopard, rhino, lion).

At the highlands od Costa Rica’s central valley is Finca Rosa Blanca, a luxury hotel, with its own coffee plantation included, which for over 20 years offers its hospitality with sustainability. Member of the Long Run Alliance, with which is compromised to respect the four Cs: conservation, community, culture, and commerce, it counts with solar energy, subterranean electrical systems, recycling, humanitarian donation programs, bed sheets made of bamboo fibers, and the acquisition of local products, among other good deeds.

Another paradise on Earth, this time, in Vietnam. The Six Senses Con Dao was designed to minimize the ecological footprints and to protect the environment while offering all of its services, such as spa treatments and water sports. Its amazing spa is surrounded by tropical gardens, among the Lo Voi mountains, and counts with several special treatment rooms, both outside and in, as well as a yoga and a hammam practice rooms.

In a famous Caribbean island is the classic Spice Island Beach Resort. For three decades, this hotel in Saint George (Grenada) has a team of ecologists concerned about the adoption of good practices for the environment: natural composting, tree plantation, solar energy, desalination plant, ecofriendly cleaning products, among others.

Let’s now go back to Asia to absorb another form of nature. To the North of Thailand, Lisu Lounge, in the province of Chiang Mai, is amidst the forest, and cooperates with the local tribes so much so that 100% of its kitchen supplies are from them. Its structure is all built with natural material, and the use of energy resources is one of its main concerns. It is due to that that the place doesn’t have air-conditioning, and takes advantage of the terrain’s elevation so the technologic facility isn’t needed nor missed.

By Lake di Garda, in Gargnano, Italy, is one of the most charming sustainable places in Europe. The Lefay Resort has an excellent spa and special offers for those who are willing to enjoy an amazing escape to this spot in Riviera dei Limoni. Designed to merge with nature, amidst an 11-acre park, offering spectacular landscapes to observe in its surroundings, with its organic wood coating, the hotel uses renewable energy to cause the less possible impact on the environment.

Placed between the North of Queensland’s tropical forest, in Australia, and the great barrier reef in Port Douglas, the Thala Beach Lounge is formed by individual huts in a unique place. The guides who lead the routes offered by the hotel are biologists and professionals who care about the natural surroundings. Besides, in its facilities there is an astronomical observatory. A dream come true!

We would now like to leave you with the following thought: wouldn’t you like making the world a little better than it is today?


Rafael Paniagua

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