Madeira, in the immensity of the Atlantic
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Madeira, in the immensity of the Atlantic

Probably one of the most recesses destinies in Europe and, because of that, one of the least known. Notwithstanding, this Portuguese archipelago offers a structure perfectly conditioned to travelers of all kinds: from the ones who prefer to get lost and stay away from all the noise, to those who are willing to give up all the first level touristic luxuries and amenities. Without a doubt, the perfect place to relax and enjoy.

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo are a refuge of natural beauty. Between the ocean’s blue and the emerald green of the vegetation the exotic color of flowers appears in an archipelago with two-thirds of its surface of protected area.

In a naturally cozy environment, balance and well- being are customary references. Madeira offers several beach resorts and access to beaches which offer the perfect conditions for nautical recreation and diving.

Madeira is the largest of the islands, with a population of about 300.000 inhabitants. The island of Porto Santo, 40 km to the northeast of Madeira, is the second when it comes to its surface.

The are two groups of uninhabited islands that are much smaller, the Savage Islands, 280 km to the south of Madeira, and the Desert Islands, 25 km to the southwest of Funchal.

Funchal, Madeira’s capital city, is in the island’s south coast. There, we can find hotels, resorts and inns of all types and for all budgets. Besides, from this town it is possible to organize short trips to the archipelago’s different islands. Other important cities are, besides Funchal, Porto Santo, Machico, Camara de Lobos, Santa Cruz and Santana.

The island of Porto Santo is particularly the ideal place to run away from stress and relax with a thalassotherapy session, or maybe playing some golf. Part of the Atlantic, with 11 km in length and 6 km wide, the place has long be known as the golden island, due to its extensive and fantastic 9-km-beach of fine, silky sand, bathed by turquoise waters.

The parties celebrated throughout the year are great opportunities to enjoy the gastronomy’s traditional flavor, and also to live the city’s festive vibe. Among the main festivities are the carnival parades, the flower party, the festival of the Atlantic, and new year’s eve’s fireworks.

Its geographic position and its mountainous topography favor the predominance of mild and pleasant temperatures, with a subtropical climate. Among its typical dishes are the saber fish, the tomato and onion soup, the tuna steak with fried corn and the honey cake. The island is also a paradise for wine and liqueur lovers.

Definitely a place where you can be isolated from the world, sweetly lost in the immensity of the Atlantic...


Rafael Paniagua

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