A guide to wear men’s necklaces
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A guide to wear men’s necklaces

Some men are into it, some consider it a big no-no, but wearing necklaces to add a bit of style to your dress code is okay. The main rule here is not being too over, for example, mixing maxi-print shirts with large pendants.

If you’re willing to give it a try but are still a newbie when it comes to wearing accessories on a daily basis, you can start by wearing a basic white T-shirt with a long-chained necklace and a small pendant.

Men’s necklaces are now a thing, and many men have become more considerate when it comes to choosing the perfect accessories to compose the look, such as watches, rings, bracelets and cords. Several labels have adapted their jewelry to this new male tendency, and are designing their pieces specially for the more stylish guys.

Necklaces are okay when worn with plain shirts and tees, or those with smaller, more discrete patterns. Jeans and linen shorts are also good options, and can be worn with an open collar with the necklace overlapping it. Some men prefer the short, choker-style necklaces, which are great for informal parties in open spaces.

Shorter men must pay special attention to the length of the chain, since a longer chain may flatten out the silhouette. And now a general rule for all, no matter how tall you are: if you’re wearing a necklace along with other accessories, try and combine the materials so the look won’t be too heavy. Leather with leather, metal with metal etc. – this applies to bracelets, wristbands, watches and rings in general.

In short, use your common sense, and do not exaggerate. Men’s accessories are there to complement your style, not to to be the look’s main attraction.

Mariana Goulart

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