Fashion trends for the next months
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Fashion trends for the next months

If you pay a tiny bit of attention, you’ll see fashion is changing at all times. New looks are out there, embracing the streets and conquering our hearts. If you’re thinking about upgrading your closet and bringing new pieces to your daily routine, pay attention to the trends for the next few months.


Resort shirts: also know as Hawaiian shirts, shirts with floral patterns are becoming ever cooler and trendy. The stopped being worn by tourists and during costume parties, and started appearing in oversized models, also gaining designer patterns and slim modeling for those who are after something that goes beyond fashion. You can wear them with a bunch of basic pieces, from the basic jeans to white trousers.

Phrases and messages: T-shirts, jumpers, jackets… the upper clothing is now filled with impact phrases and words. You can have them in black and white, all colorful, in foreign language…  There are even those with words forming patterns and all that. Certainly a good mixture dedicated to those who want to spread an idea with attitude.

Upcycle and customization: the act of transforming the good-quality clothes have gained notoriety in the hands of important designers and stylists. Jeans jackets with patches, T-shirts with applications, destroyed pants are some of the many customization examples. Besides being differentiation elements, these items prove that style and sustainability are becoming more and more evident.

Camouflage: camouflaged print is a constant in male fashion, but when it becomes a trend, it starts appearing in accessories, trainers, jackets and wherever else it might be applied. Coming in different pieces, camouflage is definitely one of the hits this year.

Comfy pants: jogging, oversized, track pants… wearing comfortable trousers has become fashionable. Combine them with jeans and T-shirts, and voilà! If you’re finding the look to sober, try to get them with a detail or two, such as side stripes, camouflaged prints or pastel shades. This trend is also valid for nightclubs and events – in such cases, mix them with jeans shirts and a basic blazer.

Candy colors: pastel colors are also a trend in the male fashion this year. Light blue, green, yellow and pink are seen in blazers, shorts and trousers. In order to break the soft shades, wear them with cool shirts, stylish sneakers or colorful socks.


Mariana Goulart

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