Ten essential items in a man’s wardrobe
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Ten essential items in a man’s wardrobe

In your fashion lifestyle you may end up looking further trying to find your style inspiration and a way to make your outfits “look different”. What people don’t normally understand is that having a style is not a difficult task that you need to be spending hours and hours figuring out the perfect match for you.

Of course there are high fashion lovers that look for the different and new in every runway show but seriously, that is not everyone. Think about this; How many people you know that dress up with outfits that they see on runway shows. Not so many, right?

One of the nicest about Fashion is that it doesn’t have a set right and wrong thing. The options of style are actually so broad that it is hard to keep up with it. Fashion also changes very rapidly, so if you try to keep up with it, you may find yourself with a new style every month.

Although fashion changes so much, there are the essential items of a well-dressed men’s wardrobe that has been the same for a long time. So think about this list as a startup kit for you. You may want to follow this:


The right shoes
One of the most important items in your wardrobe will be the shoes. You need the right one to match with your outfit. If I was going to choose the top three shoes for different occasions I would choose a white low top sneaker, a boot and a lace up dress shoe. These are the essential shoes you need and will get you covered for a day in the park to a night out with friends.

Underwear that keeps everything in place
One of the biggest mistakes of men is that they dressed up well for the night but usually don’t care much about their underwear. Specially if you don’t “squat” and you don’t have nice legs, you need to find some underwear that fits well on your body. There’s nothing more depressing than seen a saggy butt, so choose an underwear that will give your booty a little push up.

I usually recommend to buy a stretch-cotton because I find that they last longer and look good on the body. I am not a big fan of briefs. I prefer the boxer briefs since it looks better and makes your leg and butt look firmer. I think it is ok to wear boxer shorts at home but not under your pants to go out though.

The tie bar
I am a big fan of tie bars and I believe it is very essential to complete your shirt and tie look. I believe your whole outfit will look better if you focus on details and how to improve it by accessorizing. The right tie bar will keep your tie in place and give it that extra touch.

Two things to remember:
- Your tie bar can never be wider than your tie. Specially if you are wearing a skinny tie, you should by the mini tie bars to match with it.
- Place the tie bar on your chest level. Not above and not below; this is not an unusual mistake made by many men.

Shoe care kit
This should be in any well-dressed men’s wardrobe. If you can step out of your home with a dirty old shoe, you should recheck your style guidelines. Every man must own a shoe care kit. It takes less than 10 minutes to use a shoe shiny and the difference it makes are tremendous. If you don’t like to use the shoe pastes, you can always use the express shoe shiny that comes in form of a liquid.

Lint roller
Trust me, you need to have a lint roller always on hand. One in your closet, your car and in your bag that you use every day. If you have pets or live in a place where dust build up easily, the lint roller is always nice so you don’t look like you are wearing a jacket or a suit that has been sitting in your garage for decades.

Dark slim fit denim
The dark denim is an essential because nobody will notice that you were wearing the same denim pants from the past weekend. The dark denim matches better with most of your outfits. I feel it is a little harder to pair a light denim with a blazer for example.

Watches for indoor and outdoor
Surprisingly a lot of men still don’t know hot to wear the right watch according to their outfit. I’ve seen some men wearing a sports watch to go to a Saturday night club wearing a shirt and a blazer. Even though you may want to show off your new Apple watch, if it is the sport version of it, please don’t wear with a dressy look. It is like wearing a suit with runners.

A reversible belt
A reversible belt is not out of fashion. Designers still making them and if you don’t have a lot of money in the pocket to spend with two expensive belts, you will be able to get a deal of two for the price one. The two main belt colors are still black and brown, so why not find a cool designer belt that you can have the choice of one of the two colors?

Wrist game jewelry
Having a nice watch is cool but complementing it with a cool set of bracelets are even better. The fashion guys are all into the #wristgame right now. If you can’t afford a rolex or a Audemar’s piguet watch, you can still buy some cool jewelry to make it look nicer.

Casual blazer
See the difference a blazer will do to your outfit. It is very versatile and you can top it on a t-shirt, polo or buttoned shirt. If I could have only one blazer in my wardrobe I would have a dark grey blazer. Black won’t fit to all occasions and a navy blazer will look too repetitive if you wear it a lot.

Tip: Always go for a blazer with a slim trimmed waistline. A regular cut is not recommended unless you have some extra pounds on your belly.


This list can look a little too simple for many that are experienced with fashion, but trust me, many men don’t have a clue on where to start and I once didn’t know as well. Once you get these basics covered it will be so much easier to move forward with your fashionista lifestyle.


Source: Royal Fashionist.


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