Try a vest for once, would you?
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Try a vest for once, would you?

Previously exclusive to the sporty ones or the most stylish ones, the vest may be this year’s most highlighted clothing item. Available in several models, it is a versatile item which can be worn throughout the day, from your business meeting to happy hour (including the gym). The sleeveless jackets have shown up in many collections, from the most diverse brands worldwide, coming in several colors and composed by accessories such as hoodies and collars.

Over the past years, the doudounes jackets, the padded ones with horizontal buds, have gained space going beyond the sports wing. It evolution was the sleeveless version of the same format, sometimes coming with reinforced lining, skin collar and reversible hood.

The item is not necessarily new, but the fashion has turned it into a must-have. Wearing a vest over a shirt, tapered pants and brogues has become a synonym for a modern look, even when the combination of vest and short were more restricted to equestrian sports environments.

For those who like traction boots and jeans combined with flannel shirt find in the sleeveless jacket the ideal piece of clothing to tie up loose ends. Extra pockets and great apparatus for the cold and those rainy days, the vest is a traditional male look which can be modernized with a mix of patterns and textures, as well as wool sweaters.

Overlapped in suits, checked flannel shirts or sweat pants, the sleeveless jackets walk hand in hand with your modern fashion style.

But if you still do not feel ready to exchange the blazer to the vest in your social work outfit, there is nothing to worry about. Start by allying the item to your daily sportswear, combining it with T-shirts and jeans, before evolving to a higher level.

Mariana Goulart

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