What to wear in holiday parties?
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What to wear in holiday parties?

Usually those who are most concerned about what they’ll be wearing in parties are women. But when the party is big or important, men also like picking their clothes with more attention. Some places insist on specific dress codes, we’re sure you’ve been through a situation like that before. In those cases, there’s nothing better than a little extra help.

Some couple enjoy matching their clothes in parties, especially when they’re more formal celebrations. One of the most common combinations for hubbies and wives is the tie the same color of the dress she’s wearing.

If you’re lucky enough to celebrate on the beach or even on a boat somewhere, far from the black-tie obligation, relax and go for light colors and noble fabrics. Linen shirts, cotton shorts… The colors go from white to light blue, shades of beige and light green are also welcome. Jeans shirts with extremely light washings are great options, too. Wear them with leather sandals with stripes.

Parties in clubs are also more relaxed, and most of them accept men wearing shorts instead of pants – especially when it’s hotter. In occasions such as these, opt for nautical prints and tailor cuts. Traditional shirts in noble, light fabrics with combining moccasin and belt go great together. If you’re not into shorts, maybe go for capri pants.

When you’re in a familiar environment, the dress code is usually more flexible – thank you! Polo shirts are probably the best options for family parties. If it’s Christmas, you could pick a colorful one; and for New Year’s Eve the white or the yellow would be awesome if you’re somewhere warmer.

You could, in fact, add some of the items in your Christmas list. Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll have something new to wear in New Year’s Eve. No matter where you’ll be spending your holidays, though, remember that dressing well is polite (plus, you’ll be great in all the photos!). Happy holidays, and I wish you have an amazing 2017!


Mariana Goulart

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