What to wear when...
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What to wear when...


We are many times in doubt about which pieces of clothing are appropriate for some more specific places. Can we wear shorts to informal parties? Can we go to work wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt? Of course common sense should always be our thermometer for when we are not sure. On the other hand, it is always nice to talk about it once in a while, right?

When it’s warmer, it is totally okay to wear shorts – including in informal parties during the day or in the early evening. For beach parties and in open spaces, shorts are also a great option. In such cases, opt for tailored ones, and wear them with shirts. Some fabrics stopped being exclusive for exercising, and have shed a green light in men’s daily schedule.

To compose the look, the T-shirt is the most basic item of the male wardrobe. The premium versions are currently in the most sophisticated dress code, and are common in parties in general. T-shirts are also a go in the office, including the less formal ones. Now pay attention to tank tops – these are better left for the gym.

Are you more into pants than shorts? Then jeans are a must, both for work and pleasure. Combined with basic T-shirts, jeans get two thumbs up. Depending on how you wear them, they might actually be the coolest piece of clothing in your closet!

With them, how about a blazer? Not always a formal piece, it has currently been seen with a basic T-Shirt – a nice combination for wherever. Modernized cuts, distinct fabric, and other elements have transformed the then classic piece into a cooler option. For more formal looks, wear them with shirts. For more informal ones, wear them with T-shirts and jeans.

Jeans overalls, overlays, transparencies, ripped trousers or trousers with a mix of colors or prints are elements for the those who like to dare a bit more. Go for them if you feel safe. Otherwise it is best to stick with one strong piece (colorful socks, bold accessories…), and keep basic, basic.


Mariana Goulart

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