With what to wear brown jeans?
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With what to wear brown jeans?

The brown pants, or those with an earthy tone, have come to stay. They are a good option for wearing for work, when the demanded dress code is not so formal, and especially for the leisure activities. But if you are in doubt about which pieces of clothing to wear with the brown pants, we are going to give you some tips so you can easily combine your look.

White T-shirt and shirt: the easiest combination, the option that is always right. You can pick the classic models, or some more stylish ones. The V-neck T-shirt, and the modern collar shirt are good options for making your appearance more modern. White knitting is also a good idea for when it’s colder.

Jeans shirt and/or jacket: this is the perfect combination for wearing with your brown jeans. You can wear either/or, or overlapping the shirt over a T-shirt. When opting for a jeans jacket, try to dare a bit by choosing printed, checked, stripped or floral shirts to wear underneath it.

Black: for more sophisticated looks, opt for black T-shirts, shirts or sweaters. The ideal would be to wear them with black or brown shoes.

Blue: the color blue in several shades is welcome in this case.

Bright colors: red or green in several shades (as in a checked T-shirt), and stripes are also great options when you are wearing earthy colored pants/trousers.

Gray or beige: a paler look, no doubt, but also nice. These light colors offer monochromatic looks, perfect for aligned productions.

Prints and patterns: they are all free to wear. Checks, stripes, argyle, polka-dots, and others.

Overlays: sportive sleeveless jackets, classic vests, jackets, shirts and other pieces of clothing have free pass when your pants/trousers/jeans are brown.


Mariana Goulart

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