A real time earpiece translator
credits: Waverly Labs Inc.

A real time earpiece translator

Can you imagine speaking and understanding 5 distinct languages without any effort? Well, now you can! Developed by Waverly Labs Inc., the Pilot Translation Kit is an automatic translator which makes the oral communication between two people who speak different languages much, much easier.

In other words, the earpiece is places in each interlocutor’s ears, and translates the conversation between them in real time. Microphones work as filters, ignoring the external noise, focusing only in what matters – the conversation itself.

The translation occurs simultaneously, and without interruptions. Besides working as a translator, the earpiece can also be used for making and receiving calls, as well as listening to music from the app.

Obviously, just as it happens with current automatic translators around the web, no translation is perfect. Therefore, the device’s manufacturers say it is possible to improve the translation through tests and beta versions.

The device is currently available in three colors (black, white, and red), and five languages (English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian), with other languages to be added as soon as possible, including German, Hebrew and Arabic.

Up to now, over 19.000 people have pre-ordered their Pilot through the developer’s official website. The price is US$ 249, and the launching in the United States is due in July 2017.


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