Some of the best inventions of 2016
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Some of the best inventions of 2016

The technological innovations are faster and more impressive every each. A gadget that would previously work for years, now becomes obsolete after a few months. There’s always a new model, a new function, an update, a release.

But it is not only in electronics that technology reveals its most creative features. We have selected below a list of some of the best innovations of the year. We left aside the electronic devices in order to present you only a few of the many impressive products that have been launched in 2016 - related to sports, construction, and even babies. Check them out:

Vibram Arctic Grip
Vibram’s Arctic Grip is a new type of rubber shoe sole that stops feet from slipping while walking or running on the most treacherous ice. Vibram designed the treads to mimic polar bear paws, which have tiny papillae and curved claws to increase friction (and thus traction) on ice. Arctic Grip—which debuted on shoes from six brands, including Saucony and Wolverine—uses an array of lugs crafted out of a unique ice-grabbing rubber compound to increase traction. When the wearer steps, the compound causes a split-second ­melt-then-freeze reaction; melting disperses the ice, and freezing against the textured sole creates more surface area for the lugs to grab onto.

The North Face Hyperair GTX Jacket: No-Sweat Rain Jacket
Waterproof jackets might keep rain out, but runners and cyclists still end up soaked—in sweat. The North Face and Gore-Tex have made an ultralight waterproof shell that breathes. The fabric has a microgrid backer that airs out perspiration. As sweat condenses, the grid lets it out as vapor. It also has a membrane that’s tight enough to make sure water beads on the outside. Once the storm passes, the jacket can be shoved into a pocket.

Sherwin Williams Paint Shield: House Paint That Kills Disease
Why should house paint just look pretty? Now it can protect you and your family from invaders. Sherwin Williams’ new Paint Shield kills 99.9 percent of staph, MRSA, E. coli, VRE, and Enterobacter aerogenes—the type of microscopic bad stuff that can make you sick, and even kill you. The paint does this by way of a quaternary ammonium compound (the same substance used in many home cleaning products). The first EPA-registered microbicidal paint, it remains effective for years. Sleep tight and don’t let the Enterobacter bite.

4moms Self-installing Car Seat: Foolproof Infant Seat
Nearly half of all infant car seats are improperly installed, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. 4moms’ rear-facing seat makes installation idiot-proof. The base contains 20 sensors, including accelerometers and gyros, that work with motors to level the seat and tighten the straps. As long as the carrier is snapped onto the base, it will continually recheck the fit. It’s also comfy: The ergonomics are on par with top baby carriers.


Source: Popular Science.



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