Thing big!
credits: Pixabay

Thing big!

“The only time I got it wrong was when I thought I was wrong.”


I used this sentence at one of my board meetings.

Beto Sicupira asked me how many phone lines we should buy. I answered 50, and he asked me why not 1.000.

I confess I was scared. Then he asked me: do you think you got that estimate wrong? I answered him with the sentence above.

Meaning: think big, the amount of work is the same…



ALEKSANDAR MANDIC - Of Serbian descent and born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Aleksandar Mandic is a precursor of the country's electronic communication, and became an entrepreneurial case study in Harvard. It was him who brought the Internet to Brazil, and who owned the first access provider. He left a 17-year career in Siemens, and decided it was about time he had his own business back in the 90s - Mandic BBS (Bulletin Board System), an exchange of information by telephonic conection. Mandic has become, upon Internet's arrival, one of the area's giants. One of its most recent releases is Mandic Magic, an app used to reveal public wi-fi passwords no matter where you are. Currently called Wi-Fi Magic, the app became the Brazilian app most downloaded worldwide after only 20 days of its release.


Aleksandar Mandic

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