Don’t be a know-it-all “Don’t put all the eggs in the same basket”, some people say. And they are correct. Just be sure that you’re not stepping on unknown soil when you do business. Stop passing on the blame As soon as something goes wrong, there’s always someone to point fingers and pass on the blame. The thing is, mistakes are collective achievements, we must never give someone away when things get out of hand. Not knowing is better sometimes Gather all the remaining, put it in a big recipient, mix it up a bit, add a bit of syrup, then some conservatives… and if a hair falls off in the middle, no one will see it. In many cases, not knowing is the best we can do! Business and friends don’t mix Blood isn’t always thicker than water. Friends and family might as well be awesome people for a bunch of occasions, but when it comes to your job, the best is to treat them as if they were someone else completely. Play with the cards you’re given Life is full of surprises, and we can’t control everything around us - even though some of us keep trying. The truth is that things happen. Good and bad. The secret lies in knowing how to play with what we’re offered. Always work in teams There are many people out there who think they can embrace the world and doing everything on their own instead of delegating functions to specialists in each of the fields. Needless to say that’s very old-fashioned, right?! Perfection may never exist Sometimes we try to improve something so much, that it seems it’ll never be ready. It’s like when we keep waiting for the right moment, only to realize that we might never be totally ready for some things. Work colleagues: choose them wisely You can in fact be the guy who gets the highest payment, but no salary is worth the hassle of having to work with people you can’t stand. You learn by making mistakes No one, ever, is going to go through life without making mistakes. The secret is knowing how to take advantage and learning from them, instead of complaining and ignoring the real opportunities. Fall in love with your job Everything is pleasurable when we’re doing what we like. When we have the chance to combine work and pleasure, everything falls into place! The best, in such cases, is that we get paid for that! Investment is compulsory You can’t have everything in life. From the moment a decision is taken, we automatically abdicate of something else. In order to own something, we got to lose something. That’s what happens in business, that’s what happens in life in general. Do you want to be rich? Work! Success basically depends on one thing: effort. It’s useless being part of the world’s best company, and believe that’s enough for your growth. The same happens with money. In order to earn it, you need to get your hands dirty. Learn when to say no Many times we say yes out of habit, because we’re afraid of what other will think, or without thinking straight. Not only in the business world. but also in our personal lives, it is important to know when to say no to things. Don’t swim against the tide We live in a society, and that is why many times we need to stop being proud of ourselves and acting so we are not going against the market trends. If we are living collectively, it is no good thinking individually. Seasoning is useless after you’ve eaten Some people procrastinate so much that, after spending so much time thinking about excuses and being lazy, loses the timing of life and of business. Attention to your agreements Doing things in a hurry, without the necessary attention has never been the right way to close a deal. A well-written agreement, without any chances for loopholes or information between the lines, may be the best way to avoid problems in the future.

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