Crafts of love
credits: Pixabay

Crafts of love

“Love is a nursing craft. Never let the loved woman without attention, without that special touch, without the caresses and the sweet words that make life better.

Never forget to wake up with her in your thoughts and in your heart, to wish her good morning as if it were the first day you woke up together, with the same surprise and the same enchantment.

At night, take care of your lover’s dream, do not allow nightmares to come closer to her, nor fears, nor dreams that can compromise her tears. In order to do that, just pay attention, hug her tightly, whisper love words in her ear.

Be strong without being violent, be protective without compromising her freedom, be present without destroying her initiative, but above all be sincere, she’ll know and she’ll feel whole, with smiles and knowledge only real women have.

Have secrets with her, things only you and you loved wife know about, and transform staring into words, smiles into poetry, and an eventual tear that shows up will be of joy, you can be sure of that.”


I found this in the manuscripts we used to play sending to the little poet,
showing that writing poetry was a habit in bossa nova’s Ipanema.

Max Gonçalves

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