Here we are, among the stars The biggest of all times, who was it for you? Considering the vast musical universe, who is your special idol? Which name do you choose to represent your taste in music? Say yes to rock music! No matter the audience or their ages, the bands originated between the decades of 1950 and 1980 go way further than the ones that came later. They are part of the history of the true rock ‘n roll, real music icons. Highway to hell The ones who walk outside can’t imagine that the theme now serves as a soundtrack for the 29 year-old guitar player and the two girls currently naked in his bed. Intensity Nothing mattered there but the music and the bodies making out without considering the word modesty. After all, when surrounded by walls, everything is valid. That was Bernard’s motto. Jazz makes you hot That is how his day starts, with squared morning arousal while staring her legs. On that Thursday, though, he paid the bill and left a note along with his tips: 524 Mercia Street, apartment 10. At 6 pm. Oh, the Latin sensuality! When we talk about beauty, sexiness, and talent, how many names spring to mind? We have an entire universe of female singers bearing those qualities, in the USA, Brazil, Colombia, Canada... There are plenty of options! Setlist of pleasure If you are the kind of person who listens to music no matter what you are doing, maybe you should think of including it also in that unique moment, the moment spent with your favorite company. Music therapy: health and quality of life Therapy as a medication against depression and problem-solving is vastly discussed nowadays with regards to the use of music in medicine, psychiatry, psychology, and other distinct areas.

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