Highway to hell
credits: Dollar Photo Club

Highway to hell

On the ground floor of the 25-floor building, where James lives, it’s possible to hear the shrill sound of his guitar playing ‘Highway to Hell’ – the kid is pure rock ‘n roll. When he isn’t playing, he’s listening to rock music, always loud.

The ones who walk outside can’t imagine that the theme now serves as a soundtrack for the 29 year-old guitar player and the two girls currently naked in his bed. James is a true womanizer, and frequently takes chicks to his apartment – usually one, although this time the rock musician wanted more, and was accompanied by Melissa and Suzanne. The song has just started playing, just as him, who was still in foreplay.

While listening to ACDC, the girls take turns to satisfy the man who loves dominating them, calling them peculiar names, and owning them. Rock music turns him on. He’s always daring, even though when in public he behaves as an introvert. It gets almost impossible to imagine the way he transforms himself when he listens to the sounds a guitar can make.

The scene is structured with the women he’s used to take home to distract himself during the afternoons filled with rock in his bedroom. He ties the hands of one of them while the other licks his body, leaving James mad with pleasure. He makes sure to spend countless minutes on foreplay, and loves reciprocating when it comes to oral sex.
When he watches himself almost smashing the guitar on stage, he starts to demand, using an aggressive tone, that Melissa lies down so he can get into her hard, while Suzanne caresses her breasts. The loudest the rock music, the hardest James is.

While coming and going, in and out, the domineering wants to hear Melissa’s moans, and asks her to scream in sync with the incessant rhythm. He alternates the penetrations, now with one, now with another, exchanging and delirious with both women there wanting to please him. He enjoys giving orders, he likes demanding obedience:

-    Come now, it’s your turn – he says to Suzanne.
-    Now you, Melissa, come.

Almost reaching climax, he asks the girls to lie face down so he can penetrate them a bit further, alternating between one and the other, until he cums. When the song’s over, he explodes. It’s always an spectacular ending, as it occurs in every rock concert.

Feeling great, he gets up and walks to the kitchen, he opens a beer and sits on his favorite armchair, next to a desk covered by cigarette ashes and papers. From there, he stares the women who slowly fall asleep, both sweaty and exhausted in his bed, side by side. Both naked and wet, as if they were two of his trophies.



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