Jazz makes you hot
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Jazz makes you hot

Jazz and blues come from the essence of the slaves’ singing, and because of that it arises many instincts at the same time. Jazz comes from a people whose ethnicity emanates freedom. There are those who say that playing or listening to jazz music is pure adrenaline. It is the same with Henry, a masseuse and saxophonist who generally has his breakfast in a coffee shop downtown, and also, in general, exchanges looks with the cashier during his meal.

That is how his day starts, with squared morning arousal while staring Angelica’s legs, who clumsily bites her lips, and always returns the saxophonist’s pure desire. On that Thursday morning, though, to change the routine a bit, Henry paid the bill and left a note along with his tips: 524 Mercia Street, apartment 10. At 6 pm.

That day was nothing like the others for the girl at the till. Oh, no. The hours dragged to pass. Such longing! Moments in which Angelica would keep imagining: What is waiting for me there? Therefore, when her shift was over, and with the evening starting to rise, the woman started to get ready. Nervous, but decided to meet him on that address. It had been some time since he started to look at her like that, and Angelica corresponded, feeling his inspiring eyes work their way up to her legs. She felt goosebumps all over her body when that happened, and all she wanted was to throw herself in his arms. Without wasting time, she left the coffee shop – with her perfume and her make-up on. Her hands were all sweaty, but Angelica was certain – she would go all the way with that.

When she arrived in Mercia Street, she found his door half open, and a half-lit room. She let herself in, closed the door, and saw him standing there. He looked at her, and turned around. No word was spoken. She suddenly turned her head to the right, trying to disguise the fascination that man caused. She then noticed there was a CD, with his name and picture on the cover, holding a saxophone. She breathed, slowly and deeply, trying to catch her breath, before she asked with a husky voice:

- Are you a musician? Do you like jazz?

Without hesitation, he played the CD. The intoxicating and seductive sound of Ain’t no Sunshine started to compose the scenery. The music invaded the place, getting to the heart of those two who were ready to live an intense abandonment. He got closer to her, pulling down the straps of Angelica’s flowered dress, who wore nothing else to cover her breasts. He then slightly embraced her while opening the back of the dress, leaving it to takes its course to her feet. You could hear their breathing getting heavier as the seconds went by. She hesitated for a moment, placing her hands on his chest, feeling his young, warm skin below her fingers. When Henry realized he was about to be interrupted, he said:

- I will just do my job. I'm a masseuse. After I'm done, you decide if we continue with something else.

He then asked her to lie down in bed, with her back up. He squeeze a bit of body oil into the palm of his hands before caressing her neck. At the same time the song rose, at the same time the man aroused. Puffy, he caressed her back, her legs... She couldn’t take it any longer. She suddenly turned herself to him, and kissed him wildly.

There was no control over those bodies on that bed, the sound of music penetrated them both, it was a multiplicity of penetrations: the music, the bodies, the saxophone, the breathing, the sweat... Taken by voracious desire, Angelica allowed herself to do everything she felt like it. Henry, on the other hand, loved women who knew what they wanted.

She kept rubbing herself against him while she took his clothes off. She did not utter a word. She was only living that amazing moment, an uninterrupted in and out, with the music accompanying it all. The musician took her in his arms, he knew so much was going on between them... Jazz is fascinating, intoxicating.

What they did, and how they did it, no one knows. If you want to know what went on between them, pick your favorite jazz compilation, push play, and live all the sensuality music allows you to feel.



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